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I'm a Louisianan Catholic, vaguely Marxist. they/them

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
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American culture has zero to do with our failed strategy vis-a-vis covid, it's 100% a failure of governance. No one can maintain strict personal routines forever with no plan, no hope, and no honest communication from leaders. Americans want to be governed. Trump won't do it.

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My big problem with wokeism is that it seems extremely classist. People come out of a handful of elite schools where they learn a complex moral hierarchy and terminology that they then try and impose on the rest of the world which almost entirely does not subscribe to it.

I think this is close to right, but not exactly. Working class people in the global south learn theory too. But there is absolutely a dynamic in which the world's most privileged people go to elite institutions where they learn the magic words that absolve them of personal guilt

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What's it called when u don't have dysphoria and being trans seems way too hard but you would definitely choose to be a girl with a dick if it were easy and low cost???

Turns out it’s called being fucking trans

target acquired then quickly subdued.

target acquired then quickly subdued.

"panromantic demisexual Zionist" is the kind of cursed poster i did not want to run into

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You're a Christian who lives in Germany. I don't think you have a say on what Jews are and aren't. Unless you want that real thin veil of Nazi attitude to come right out of course?

lol it's to block Nazi posts, dumbass. you live in Dallas and support Israel - you have no right to get mad about encroaching on indigenous land. At least Louisiana has culture, unlike your dogshit, evil city and the dogshit, evil country you simp for.

You know nothing of our friendships. Dudes rock

You know nothing of our friendships. Dudes rock

The only reason "Hatsune Miku made Minecraft" works as a bit is because the creator of the game is not attached to it anymore and had his name erased because he sucks massive shit. JK is still firmly in control of HP and still makes tons of money off of it.

>tfw no buff partner to hold me like a baby and rock me to sleep

>tfw no buff partner to hold me like a baby and rock me to sleep

not to sincere-post but i miss being held

Guys w glasses are gay........ what u need to see, dick?

here's what the Democrats traded the working class away for

here's what the Democrats traded the working class away for

4 days ago

There is no reason not to just tweet lyrics from the song you’re listening to. We are all going 2009 white girl mode this year

"one has to go" would probably not be a good thing to say after my wife gives birth

"that baby? from THAT mother? it's more common than you think" - i say, as the doctor tells me my wife is in the next room

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