The Blind Gibberer

The Blind Gibberer



I think gibbering is overstating it a bit.

Joined on May 16, 2014

We looked inside some of the tweets by @sithrak and here's what we found interesting.

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a year
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My worshipers, though it will do them no good, may wish to know that an embroidered Sithrak patch is a possibility here:

Quoted @jeremybornstein

@sithrak is *the* most honest deity.

You can suck up if you want but it still won't change anything.

Supporting this project will in no way make my treatment of you in the afterlife any better, but it won't make it worse either.

You are all so very cute thinking that what you do matters.

Rather chuffed that one my representatives seems poised to win the forthcoming election in the USA.

Spit status: still well-oiled.

The truth is, the spit is oiled enough for now.

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