Sr. Quincy Howard OP

Sr. Quincy Howard OP



Dominican Sister. Contrite adult. Celibate feminist. @sinsinawasister @NETWORKLobby Opinions are of the Holy Spirit.

Washington, DC
Joined on September 01, 2017

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Kings Return, an a cappella vocal group rooted in Gospel, jazz, R&B and classical music, made my heart burst w their rendition of the classical Latin piece Ubi caritas.

Wrote this poem for @tedcruz and @JohnCornyn on behalf of @DFADCoalition and #DemocracyOpenMic My home state of TX needs to do more to #ProtectOurVote in a pandemic! @SenateGOP must pass $3.6B in emergency election funds NOW to be ready for Nov! @NETWORKLobby

Wrote this poem for @tedcruz and @JohnCornyn on behalf of @DFADCoalition and #DemocracyOpenMic My home state of TX needs to do more to #ProtectOurVote in a pandemic! @SenateGOP must pass $3.6B in emergency election funds NOW to be ready for Nov! @NETWORKLobby

Living in a state constant crisis can cause us to make harmful decisions. Apocalypse Anonymous offers free online meetings to help you build resilience. They begin this Thursday at 8pm ET. Email for details and information.

Thanks for your continued work @PaxChristi for a world of nonviolence—it is attainable!

To mark 75 years since we used nuclear weapons on civilians in Nagasaki Pax Christi Intl released this 2 min video to show us where we are & what we prioritize.

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Q7: Humor is a gift that can make the intolerable feel more manageable & can help us make sense of things. But laughter can also cause or mask pain. How does humor help you cope with what you’re experiencing? #ApocAnonChat

I laughed out loud when I read about @kaynewest presidential campaign. But I don't know if it confuses the field or makes things clearer at a meta level...

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Q5: Have you noticed anything surprising about yourself in the last four months? #ApocAnonChat

I make a great homebody...#ApocAnonChat

Q4: How do you deal with these volatile, troubled times? Do you have specific coping mechanisms and do they feel healthy? #ApocAnonChat

Q3: What are your feelings about your future? About the future, in general? Do you try to play out scenarios or do you avoid thinking about them? #ApocAnonChat

Q2a: How much do you engage with social media? How does it affect you emotionally when you do? Has your relationship with it changed in the last months? #ApocAnonChat

Q2: How closely do you follow the news cycle? Do you try to follow it in real time, or do you avoid it completely because it's too difficult? Has your relationship to the news changed? #ApocAnonChat

Q1: What major disruptions are affecting you the most these days (pandemic, political upheaval, economic crisis, illness, etc)? Do you feel equipped to cope? What’s getting you through it? #ApocAnonChat

I'll be joining the #ApocAnonChat tonight at 8:30pm ET. I invite folks to check it out. Get a feel for this unique 12 step program for building resilience in apocalyptic times. @ApocalypseAnon1 is hosting. Take what you like and leave the rest!

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Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Easier Voting By Mail In Alabama During Coronavirus

On the eve of the Fourth of July, we should be making it easier, not harder for "We the People" to make our voices heard in elections! #FaithfulDemocracy

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In an apocalyptic moment like ours, we might feel deep anxiety. #ApocalypseAnonymous offers a forum to process what we’re feeling, what we’re doing, how we’re thinking and where we find hope. Join the #ApocAnonChat on Sunday, July 5 at 8:30 pm ET to share your thoughts.

"Apocalypse” means a time of crisis and change, and also a time of revelation. Apocalypse Anonymous is a unique 12-step fellowship program to build resilience in 2020. We're only halfway through it! This #ApocAnonChat on Sun night will provide a taste. Join us!

The GAO found that nearly 1.1M dead people received tax rebate checks totaling nearly $1.4B. FYI, that's almost 1/2 of the emergency funds needed to prepare for the Nov election in COVID...@senatemajldr needs to act now to give election officials have what they need to be ready.

That’s not typically how I word it but yes.

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I have a gift. This very round bird.

I have a gift. 

This very round bird.

I’m so delighted by this #BallOfJoy

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