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The Ngcukaitobi report on racial discrimination against Black health professionals is another evidence that no amount of education, brilliance or accolades will ever shield a Black person from racism. None.

Because of Gems, Discovery and medscheme black medical professionals are drowning in depression, debts and some have taken their lives. Some medical practices are running on cash basis cos they have been blocked by these medical aid schemes for being black.

I remember katlego his career was ruined cos he cheated on his wife outsurance cancel him like that, but a guy named Dr death is still practicing at #MediClinic and another question is how did he win against HPCSA at the Supreme Court of appeal. Systemic racism runs deeper yohh

The journey of being healthy start with changing what’s inside your fridge.

a day ago

@simon_pela Lol don't they monkey branch? When you meet them all, they've all been single for 6 months 🤷🏾‍♂️. Meanwhile you'll learn they broke up last week. Best is to approach relationships the 💊 way, if she's wasting time, she'll fall off but at least you didn't give her free attemtion.

You need to make sure a woman is entirely single before you get in a serious relationship with her if not she is just using to get over the previous guy. You are basically a ladder to her next relationship. Stop being used gentlemen.

Soccer players post abt soccer cos that’s what they do so Miss SA will post abt her body, beauty and appearances cos that’s what models do unless if winning pageants have been change into a ministerial position where one has to tackle poverty, unemployment and economic crisis.

When you meet a girl she smokes or drinks and you don’t want that in a woman don’t address it or try to change her she knows what she is doing she is an adult. Search 4 the one who will suits your needs.

EFF moved from wanting land to be expropriated to wanting boarders opened...everyday this party proves how it’s not an independent body but a ANC youth league in disguise. No wonder the ANC isn’t bothered by them anymore.

Relationships are a mess because men are dating women from women’s perspective not theirs. In actual fact the current breed of men have lost frame they have nothing 2 offer other than repeating dating lessons they are taught by women and Hollywood from breakup 2 breakup.

Men without options be seating in their rooms horny typing to her stuff like “I wish you were here with me” that’s a low value man trading his time on being faithful to a girl who is 400km away. Hang in there real man she will reward your loyalty with another man’s pregnancy.

Don’t come to my place unannounced means you are not the only nigger am fucking. Stop being slow boys.

A penis size will matter only if that vagina has been makes no sense that a vagina which can push a 4kg baby out and goes back to normal can turn out to be Kimberly big hole. One word if it’s like that it has been abused.

Guys like Panyaza Lesufi are hell bound in destroying...their regulations are stupid en lacks logic. Malls are packed bt they have sanitisers they r said to be complying. Now they want Private schools 2 close cos their incompetent gov couldn’t fix and ready public schools.

Regulations are stupid you close the liquor shops where ppl get 6 pack for R80 and the very same ppl you trying to save still go get it for R140 via back door illicit sale. Regulations are all abt control rather than logic.

In her mind it’s your duty to make sure she doesn’t fall pregnant but also it’s her body her choice. You see the confusion so always wear a condom gents.

Karma is for weak people take your revenge and say fuck you only after then you can consider moving on.

Quoted @BDliveSA

Treasury considers a tax hike to pay for biggest vaccination drive in SA’s history

Don’t worry middle class will just tweet and take that tax hike...finger revolutionaries no wonder gov do as they wish

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