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"Trying to keep everyone alive, forever. Especially those who must die in the end. They're the most important to keep alive."

Vermont, USA
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a male umbrella cockatoo socializing with Vet Hospital Staff

My brain is tired. But my syllabi are done. is some bird happiness to close your day. Sleep well.

Dan Farber
11 hours ago

@SonjaStarr @LeahLitman In answer to your question, I absolutely WOULD freek out, except my freakout circuits are all burned out at this point. I think maybe my adrenal glands collapsed from overwork at some earlier point of the Trump era.

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if I say "I could eat" we’ve got about 32 minutes tops before I am flat out a different person

I feel seen

Almanzo is not having any more of your crap

Almanzo is not having any more of your crap

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A Black man will spend the rest of his life in prison for stealing hedge clippers after the Louisiana Supreme Court denied his request to have his sentence overturned last week.

Slavery by another name. Period.

Nacoma James, a 42-year-old teacher and assistant high school football coach, died on Thursday while self-quarantining with COVID-19 symptoms.

Country club members awaiting the president

Country club members awaiting the president

I was taking care of a patient the other day who was very seriously injured. And I stepped out to talk to his family briefly and give them an update. For context, he was Black. I told them what was going on quickly and asked if they had any questions. And this is what they said.

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NEW: Liberty Board member Dwight "Ike" Reighard, a member tells @RNS he is "very concerned" about recent events and that Falwell Jr.'s leave of absence is only the "beginning steps the University Board will more fully address in the days ahead."

My guess is this goes the usual route of: admits a drinking problem, goes to rehab, says God saved him, tells people to send more money

When the political idolatry, racism, and worse from a prominent Christian school leader doesn’t get him removed from his position but an immodest picture does, that says a lot.

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Yoga bubbles are the future of group exercising

β€œSiri, show me Caucasian Nonsense.”

Jerry Falwell Jr is currently pantsless at the Lynchburg Outback Steakhouse bar, three skinny margs in and demanding they "play that WAP song again so I can live my best goddamn life!" while his wife waits outside in the car.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. doesn't even a lead double life. He openly spends half his time pushing the same Christian extremist nonsense of the Religious Right and the other half openly flaunting it in his personal escapades. The guy is a sloppy hypocrite.

Do doctors and nurse practitioners ever get any clinical training in how to distinguish between patients who aren’t listening because they googled misleading stuff and patients who really do know something that they don’t about something that actually is medically relevant?

Too many grocery chain CEOs continue to treat their workers as expendable. This is utterly unacceptable. It's time to reinstate hazard pay for all of America's grocery workers. Read my latest op-ed with @UFCW.

BREAKING: Texas had 11,500 excess deaths in July alone. One state, one month. 

A tragedy of unprecedented proportion. 

CDC data. Graph courtesy of @JessStrawn.

BREAKING: Texas had 11,500 excess deaths in July alone. One state, one month. A tragedy of unprecedented proportion. CDC data. Graph courtesy of @JessStrawn.

I’ve been wondering why racist politics and corruption often go hand-in-hand. Why should racism lead to corruption more than any other sinister ideology (tax cuts for the rich, militarism, etc) β€” and @josh_levin β€˜s Slow Burn abt David Duke gave me some ideas.

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