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17 hours ago

Hopefully 2021 will be a safer space in our community. My heart goes out to all the victims coming forward. It really hurts to see people abuse their power.

17 hours ago

Extremely saddened by the state of the music industry right now. I understand that it has been like this since I showed up though. I have seen drug abuse and egos dance together and It’s a bad mix.

Tonight’s livestream set is all original. 45 mins and tons of unreleased music 👽✌🏼

45 minute stream set with custom visuals tomorrow night for @SummereyesF 🛸✌️

45 minute stream set with custom visuals tomorrow night for @SummereyesF 🛸✌️

Got super stoned and played some guitar 👽🎸

This app is FUCKING TOXIC.

Our culture and media is obbsesed with covering the Corona virus and our physical health but is fine neglecting our mental health....

One of my friends became a paramedic anout 6 months ago and I saw him for the first time since he started his job. I asked him how it’s been and he said since quarantine started they went from about one suicide call a week to at least one a day....

I don’t know when it’s safe and all I can do is listen to the people in charge, do what I think is right. This is not some evil money Incentive to put people at risk for profit. nobody should go if you don’t feel safe. The events are for people willing to do so.

You should never be charged a feee for missing a event because of a family emergency.

Lol somebody send me a rude comment: “your grammar is shit” I wondered why someone would be so upset about my grammar. I looked at his page and he had about 6 k tweets and not one like or comment. I went ahead and liked two of his posts and he blocked me. Lmfao 😂😂😂

Reprogram you’re subcouncious 🧠💪🏼

🙋‍♂️Raise your hand if you think the news of 5 black men found hanging in trees in 1 week should be getting much bigger headlines.

My “Sweet Shop” remix dropped last week on @circus_records. All proceeds from this tune on both my side and the label’s will be going to charity organizations that are helping in the BLM movement. ♥️ check the tune out @

Lol we don’t adresss the fact that we have a very strong biological defense system against illness. And the fact that you can make this system stronger or weaker.

Take care of yourself. Drink lots of water, eat healthy food, get lots of sleep. It is so dumb that we don’t address our immune system with this whole pandemic. Our immune system weakens with fear and if you don’t have the proper nutrients in your body your at risk.

End the war on drugs!

Reminder the “founders of America” (bullshit term) murdered, raped, pillaged and stole this country. The real history of our country is the farthest thing from “great”. we have a president who’s slogan is make America great again.

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