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Celebrating two heroes today ❤️ Both kind, cool and fearless @SalmaanTaseer @shehryar_taseer

Anyone getting strange email and WhatsApp messages from Shehrbano Taseer asking for your iCloud info for Sunday / OK Magazine — IT’S NOT ME!!!! It’s some hacker so please block and report the account. Pls tell anyone you know who’s getting them as well.

Its frustrating to have to defend my self when I have not done anything illegal to begin with - I have also contacted the relevant Gov dept, who will also be issuing a clarification soon. Taseer Family denies illegal possession of state owned land

This was printed in the express Tribune. @etribune

This was printed in the express Tribune. @etribune

Quoted @HarounRashid2

Asia Bibi arrives in Canada after leaving Pakistan

I will sleep with a lighter heart tonight. The brave stand and ultimate sacrifice of my dear departed and sorely missed friend @SalmaanTaseer shall not have been in vain. May God bless him in Heaven

While many believe they are inherently deserving of privileges and special treatment, here is Ahmad's reaction to an artificial limb he received after losing his leg to a landmine explosion. He expresses pure gratitude through his adorable 'Attanr'❤ #Qurbaan #Afghanistan

It is not patriotic to cheer for war. Find a better way to show your love for your country.

How the steel was tempered ❤️

Quoted @ShumailaJaffery

How #AsiaBibi's case ripped apart and reshaped our social fabric, my detailed analysis @BBCWorld #Pakistan #Blasphemy

If you though you know all about Asia Bibi and blasphemy laws, read this stunning report by Shumaila Jaffery

He showed us, the children who grew up in the shadow of whiteness, you don't have to shed who you are to be successful. You can be Pakistani, be Muslim and be a genius. He is a profound source of pride For my selfhood, for my aspirations, I am forever indebted to him 14/14

Who received his Nobel prize in a pagri and expressed his happiness at the fact in Punjabi. Who quoted the Qur'an in his Nobel prize acceptance speech. Whose wife made him roti before he attended social functions. A man who never hid his Islam or Pakistaniyat out of shame 13/14

The memory of Salam shines brightly for me. Here was a man, who looked like me, spoke like me, prayed like me a man who was not ashamed of being from the same culture as me, felt no contradictions between his/my faith and science. 12/14

But above all this, beyond the orientalisation of muslims, the disregard for our historical achievements, the lack of nuance in understanding our academic status in post-colonial contexts, the ignoring of class disparities underpinning gaps in educational attainment- 11/14

-was considered even more ridiculous. Again Dawkins et all expressing amusement that people who believe in God are even allowed into universities. I have personal experience of constantly being on the defensive about being a muslim and also a scientist 10/14

Aside from the lack of achievement, the idea of muslims achieving anything, was routinely ridiculed, e.g Dawkins highlighting that Trinity college, Cambridge achieved more nobel prizes than the entire muslim population. The idea of being a person of faith and a scientist- 9/14

There were hardly any pakistani faces amongst students, let alone faculty. The handful at undergrad level disappeared at postgrad level. We synthesis little knowledge, publish little, As pakistanis, as muslims, we do not create paradigms, we simply regurgitate them 8/14

My tutor's response? To keep referring to him as "that guy" before moving onto the millionth student presentation on sherrington, no interest in learning how to say his name, or changing the course syllabus. Encounters like this were routine. Probably still are 7/14

The achievements of muslims were viewed with fleeting, amused curiosity. I did a presentation on Ibn-Nafis in my 1st year, detailing how his discoveries in cardiovascular physiology predated Dr William Harvey (who is credited in all courses) by approx 400 years 6/14

Racist encounters with academia, not always subtle in overtones, is the bread and butter of any ethnic minority student's experience, especially in more prestigious universities where certain world views are fossilised. But I found the lack of interest was most painful 5/14

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