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I cover intelligence and national security for the @washingtonpost. Natsec analyst @cnn Host @ratlsecurity Contact me securely:

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You need a double safety net on that trash can.

Just finished LIGHTS OUT by @tgryta + @TMannWSJ about the stunning fall of GE. An excellent page-turner in the mold of Bad Blood and Super Pumped exposing how a massive conglomerate hid all kinds of business shenanigans and accounting tricks from public view—until it all imploded

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How to end this pandemic - or at least buy time and decrease deaths before useful vaccines become widely available.

I listened to Mina explain this approach on a podcast. It was a mind shift.

[WATCH] Tomorrow morning @FaceTheNation with @margbrennan, an exclusive interview with White House National Security Adviser @robertcobrien - his first since recovering from #COVID19 - and just one of many topics to be explored.

[WATCH] Tomorrow morning @FaceTheNation with @margbrennan, an exclusive interview with White House National Security Adviser @robertcobrien - his first since recovering from #COVID19 - and just one of many topics to be explored.

I’m so sad to hear this news. I spent a week in Israel with Judge Williams and his wife Faith, and wish I would have had more time with him. A thoughtful, present, lovely man. My condolences to his family.

Sen. Blumenthal, who says he was “shocked” by what he learned in a classified briefing about election threats, says the statement issued yesterday by the top election security official “only hints at the threats...there is much more.”

NEW from me this morning: A U.S. government contractor with ties to the intelligence community and the military has embedded software in mobile phones apps that allows the tracking of hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

Russia and China want to influence the US election, but their efforts are not the same. Much of what China is doing is akin to lobbying and hard-edged geopolitics. Russia is (once again) engaged in intelligence operations and disinformation.

Our developing story here: We'll update shortly.

Breaking: Top US election security official says that China wants Trump not to win in November, viewing him as "unpredictable" and Russia is trying to "denigrate" Biden.

I wonder if the administration realizes the WeChat ban is a win for Huawei, as the Executive Order would probably require Apple to remove the app from its China App Store. I can't imagine anyone in China purchasing an iPhone now.

Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to two presidents and polar opposite of America's current approach to foreign affairs, dies at 95

And @1a just played us out of a segment with those drums! Yes!

4 days ago

We're live for the domestic edition of the News Roundup. @cjane87, @shaneharris and @jimtankersley are with us.

It's been a week. Tune @NPR @1a for the national news roundup w/@shaneharris + co(details below) And at 11amET join me, @nancyayoussef & @nickschifrin as we go behind the global headlines to make sense of what happened from #Beirut to #TikTok @wamu885

I have thoughts about posing with artwork. But sitting on it? Come on, man.

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We are under attack. And sleepwalking through it.

This is what kept me up at night in my former job...unlike post 911, no sense of urgency that we were under attack...and so many -including our political class- don’t care.

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phil collins blowing minds.

Happy Friday.

It's Friday, so it's the news roundup. More stories than we can talk about in an hour, but we'll break down a bunch of them @1a.

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