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Middle East security analyst, photog., Phd, Exec Director @MidEast_Center ; @defense_news @Jerusalem_Post @TheNatlInterest, @spectator RTs ≠ endorsement

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Thank you! 40th birthday with the boys

Thank you! 40th birthday with the boys

No pasaran; let us all remember them tonight

A little birthday event

A little birthday event

💥 Timeline #Iran: -26 June, Explosion near Parchin military site #Tehran. -30 June, "Gas explosion" at a health clinic in Tehran. -2 July, "Incident" near Iran’s #Natanz nuclear facility damaged building. -10 July, Large explosions in “an IRGC camp, west of Tehran”.

New piece looks at Jordan and Israel's annexation plan;

Important deal between Israeli companies IAI and Rafael and UAE's Group 42 has wider ramifications;

There are basically four types of mask people: 1- the simple nurse/doctor style 2-the black colored “ninja” or “bandit” one 3-the mask with some logo or drawing on it, smiley face, logo, etc 4- the plastic “shield” that isn’t a mask but more like a welding shield

The Kingdom of Jordan has responded to Israel's annexation plans; here is how it did so, @AymanHsafadi @MarwanMuasher

UAE's Group 42 and Israel's IAI and Rafael came together to fight Covid-19 and it may have bigger ramifications;

Despite the generally increasing global instability and chaos, rise of authoritarianism and reduction of global norms and international order, US tendency to withdraw from int'l orgs...the coordination of the Five Eyes on Hong Kong issue remains;

A true shame because Gantz supposedly joined this government due to the “national emergency” and since then the pandemic has been treated with a cavalier attitude, like it isn’t happening, and PM focused on his trial and tax breaks etc

I remember reporting the first months about the deep devotion, especially in the IDF about this issue; and sadly it now seems like the unprecedented actions taken in March were at least in part just so the Prime Minister could get a new term and unity gov, and postpone issues

Quoted @AAhronheim

#Covid_19 numbers in the #IDF: Over 350 confirmed cases, close to 10,000 servicemembers are in quarantine. These numbers are much higher than the peak of the first wave.

It’s very strange, Israel did an often excellent job in the first two months of the pandemic; and since late Maybhad simply thrown up its hands and done the complete opposite with few precautions, even for vital parts of the country. A real shame.

Syria air defense: Will Iran deploy its 3rd Khordad lethal air defense in Syria?

Quoted @Jerusalem_Post

Many, from @amnesty to the Norwegian #Refugee Council, have condemned the great powers for closing the crossing to eastern #Syria. Report by @sfrantzman

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