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Seth Everman



i make like one video every 2 months and then i sleep

Stockholm, Sweden
Joined on May 21, 2013

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babe you’re so... *looks at the moon* cheese

*blinks out of existence*

so happy to announce i’m fucking dumb, stupid, so tired just all the time, when will it end, kind of angry not sure why, horny, lonely etc, actually i remembered why i’m angry, unsatisfied, feeling so stressed, could go for a snack


what's the name of this song?

filming a lil q&a video which will be uploaded sometime within the next few days or years. ask me things please. does not have to be about me. need answers? i’ve got them

therapy is so sexy

good morning homosexuals

art is a pain ting because every artist is in pain


don’t need to @ anyone they read my tweets for ✨ inspiration ✨

it’s crazy how i got my whole career from doing what i do on youtube, and like 5 other people also got their careers from doing what i do haha i think that’s beautiful ❤️

i wonder how many people got their entire careers and full-time jobs from just copying my videos. i could name at least 3 creators off the top of my head. you can steal everything i do but you don’t have to steal my entire personality too it genuinely hurts haha

thursday night time for some controversy

who wants to come stay at my house i’m so fucking lonely

good evening homosexuals

happy birthday lil uzi vert are you big uzi vert now haha you’re so sexy

breaking news: country known for ”freedom of speech” tells any voice of change to leave or get beat up

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