Sérgio Rebelo

Sérgio Rebelo



Um pai que deseja um mundo melhor para os seus filhos.

Lisboa, Portugal
Joined on December 15, 2006

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Go read it: “If Your Scrum Is Not Fun, You Are Doing It Wrong” on @Medium https://t.co/PTeaPLtRmR #medium

Go read it: “Working Remotely: quarantine, coding, and coffee” on @Medium https://t.co/EsuHtK4sBQ #medium

Go read it: “If you’re going to abandon WhatsApp, at least do so for a good reason” on @Medium https://t.co/5ICRaEs4c1 #medium

Graphs are useful but to really get what that rising curve is, have a look at the obituaries page of this Bergamo daily newspaper, comparing one from February with one from now https://t.co/78mgZseyVt

Go read it: “Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now” on @Medium https://t.co/O4PD7LU3eG #medium

Go read it: “Myth: Story Points are required in Scrum” on @Medium https://t.co/30c0NjnCgK #medium

Go read it: “Many teams believe they are doing Scrum, but are embracing Taylorism instead” on @Medium https://t.co/678sRSZUyP #medium

Go read it: “Why the Word “assign” should be Banned from Agile Teams” on @Medium https://t.co/D9gnGDGSFt #medium

Go read it: “What if “I used to be” became “I am”?” on @Medium https://t.co/UyfWawLd1Z #medium

Quoted @Rebeldiletante

Being wealthy adds nine years to life expectancy, says study. ONS study finds wealth disparity in UK and US leading to growing health inequality. https://t.co/vyo77xR3M1

Os ricos têm mais 9 anos de esperança de vida. A desigualdade mata. https://t.co/ILEtKveX21

Quoted @AlexTaylorNews

Evangelical Christians celebrating the US Middle East strike with Trump yesterday "and the TV pundits and anchors will be amazed at how great America is because God is great in America again"... 👇👇 We are big time fucked. https://t.co/HMOxeuyAOQ

OMFG!!! https://t.co/UKlDqcBWp0

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How many of these have you ever been to?

10 https://t.co/YGwc4bCjp2

Le passage enchanté d'Aladdin #insta https://t.co/tGWzoGjaUW

Le passage enchanté d'Aladdin #insta https://t.co/tGWzoGjaUW

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