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We looked inside some of the tweets by @sendtodropbox and here's what we found interesting.

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3 months
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981. globally and in category Software

Just released a fix for sign up. If you've had troubles signing up / in, give it a try now.

We've updated the support menu on the account page to use our new support service. Thanks for your patience.

Sign in on the website has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

We're aware of the broken sign in issue and working as quickly as possible today on a fix.

We are back up! Sign up again, then email to restore your previous address if need be.

Bringing send to Dropbox back online this weekend. Sit tight.

Turns out we have a lot of sad and loyal users reaching out via email. I'm considering reopening with a fresh database.

We've suffered an unrecoverable database loss. Unsure how to proceed. Looking at shutting down and issuing refunds.

We're currently down and working on a fix. Our apologies.

SMTP servers are back online. Working on fixing certificates on the website.

We're being affected by the @dnsimple DDOS. Trying to get things back online as quickly as possible.

There was a problem with our SSL certificate renewal. All fixed!

Just released a small update to the website. Receipts, bug fixes for IE, caching fixes and more!

Some exciting stats! About to cross 10k monthly active users, 4.5k weekly and 1k daily! 250 pro users as well! Thank you!

@Elena_BS @GrinAlexandr All fixed! Give it a try now, and thank you for your patience.

The sign up issues we were experiencing earlier today have been fixed.

There seems to be a problem with new sign ups that we’re looking into now. Stay tuned.

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