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Kentucky’s law enforcement officers know the HIDTA program unlocks crucial resources for our fight against drug abuse. I‘m proud to have helped deliver these federal resources to Clark, Logan and Simpson Counties. https://t.co/lAcFwHOflo https://t.co/FdjTPxwRNB

Kentucky’s law enforcement officers know the HIDTA program unlocks crucial resources for our fight against drug abuse. I‘m proud to have helped deliver these federal resources to Clark, Logan and Simpson Counties. https://t.co/lAcFwHOflo https://t.co/FdjTPxwRNB

We can’t get our country back to normal unless we have kids in school. That’s what a future COVID relief would focus on, along with jobs, healthcare, and liability protections. https://t.co/IuFy09vDuE

The CARES Act is continuing to provide much-needed support to healthcare heroes in Kentucky and across America. I’m proud of the Senate’s work to make sure these critical resources are available to help our nation recover. https://t.co/NIxqpq0xJK

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate the high virtues of our nation. Let’s honor the leaders who made our country great and the sacrifices of those who defend her. And let’s never forget how incredibly proud we are to be Americans. https://t.co/xz98TbjGbV

The Democratic Party is increasingly saying they’ve lost patience with playing by the rules and plan to declare war on the rulebook itself. I spoke today about the future of our nation’s governing institutions: https://t.co/GzScB6WJWF https://t.co/8VpLnMu4Rw

ICYMI: I joined @DanaPerino to discuss the Senate’s leading role in coronavirus relief and the importance of legal protections for doctors, nurses, schools, universities, and employers. https://t.co/BmJF0K0OfG

The Speaker has chosen to spend the House’s time this week on a cousin of the Green New Deal masquerading as a highway bill. It will go nowhere in the Senate. Here, we’ll keep at the serious work of the nation. https://t.co/kIokDxtLwD

TUNE IN: I will be joining @DanaPerino ~2:40pm ET to discuss Senate Republicans' accomplishments and our work on coronavirus relief.

Quoted @AP

Seattle police converge on the city's “occupied” protest zone after Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order for protesters to vacate the area. People have occupied several blocks around a park for about two weeks. https://t.co/l1Wzr75OJk

Finally. Twenty-some days and several deaths too late. The rule of law must not fade in and out with the fashions of the radical left. https://t.co/P9iF0GGoBG

Senate Republicans led the CARES Act, the biggest rescue package in American history that helped our nation weather this storm. Any further legislation will need to focus intently on kids, jobs, and healthcare, and include legal protections to help schools and businesses reopen. https://t.co/WjooKMhtc5

More disastrous steps by Beijing to tighten their grip on Hong Kong. Congress and the Administration have taken strong steps to stand with Hong Kong. We need to keep it up and friends of democracy around the world should join us. https://t.co/16PrlmSM9Q

House Democrats' last attempt at a coronavirus response was a go-nowhere liberal wish list that even the media laughed off. With 40+ COVID hearings by the end of this week, the Senate is continuing the serious, facts-first approach that built the historic CARES Act.

We must have no stigma, none, about wearing masks when we leave our homes and come near other people. Wearing simple face coverings is not about protecting ourselves, it is about protecting everyone we encounter.

ICYMI: I joined the @GuyBensonShow to discuss Senate Democrats’ blocking police reform and the Senate’s historic judicial confirmations. https://t.co/bsFztYtJng

TUNE IN: I’m joining @GuyBensonShow at 4:00pm ET to discuss Senate Democrats’ obstruction of police reform and our latest milestone in renewing the judiciary. https://t.co/lCm5tWLItJ

Democrats say they disagree with parts of @SenatorTimScott’s bill. Fine. The Senate has a way to settle policy differences. It’s called legislating. The only reason to duck the whole process is if Democrats would rather preserve a campaign issue than find a bipartisan solution.

Democrats just blocked the Senate from even considering police reform. They threatened to do this unless I let them short-circuit the amendment process and rewrite @SenatorTimScott’s bill behind closed doors. This issue deserved better than more do-nothing Democratic theatrics.

Quoted @SenatorTimScott

Ahead of today's vote, I offered to include an amendment for every concern that was presented. They didn’t stick around for that meeting. This vote is an opportunity to say yes to those folks who are waiting for leadership to stand and be counted. #JUSTICEAct https://t.co/N56EwrSx0V

.@SenatorTimScott on the JUSTICE Act: "If you don't think we're right, make it better. Don't walk away. Vote for the motion to proceed." https://t.co/UZwXbA7X3g

“Equal protection of the laws” means that mayors and governors cannot selectively stand down because they fear the political price for confronting a particular mob. Maintaining the peace is these leaders’ duty. It is not an option that depends on the lawbreakers’ politics. https://t.co/o37g7EcXkf

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