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Our country badly needs the kinds of targeted, urgent COVID relief that Republicans have been trying to pass for months — from job-saving PPP funding to vaccine distribution.  My full statement: https://t.co/ybJ2OJSYf9

For months, Republicans have tried to make bipartisan progress on huge areas of COVID relief where there's no disagreement. Vaccine distribution funds. Another round of the PPP for hard-hit small businesses. But Democrats blocked it all over their unrelated liberal wish-list.

.@ChuckGrassley had not missed a single vote in 27 years. Yesterday he paused that streak, on doctors’ orders, while awaiting a COVID test result. The Senate is praying for continued good health for our president pro tempore and looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Republicans have tried for weeks to pass another targeted rescue package. It would send hundreds of billions of dollars to schools, unemployment aid, another round of the job-saving PPP, and healthcare.   Democrats repeatedly blocked it all. Let's hope they let us make law soon.

Another Democrat demand that’s blocked bipartisan aid: The fixation on a massive slush fund for state & city govt's, unlinked from COVID need. Some states are taking in more tax revenue this fall than they did before the pandemic. It's struggling families who need urgent help.

House Democrats’ so-called “HEROES Act” is so unserious that it was condemned by the Speaker's own moderate Democrats the instant she put it out.   Huge tax cuts for rich people in blue states, but no second round of the Paycheck Protection Program? Those are their priorities?

Months ago, skeptics dismissed President Trump’s aggressive timelines for vaccines. But our scientists are making history, with a huge assist from Operation Warp Speed. It's sped up research & laid groundwork for fast distribution once a vaccine is confirmed safe and effective.

More huge news this morning in COVID-19 vaccine development. The kinds of headlines we've longed for. But we must stay careful for the next weeks and months. Wear our masks. Keep social distance. We've come this far and victory is in sight. Let's not surrender to the virus now.

The Trump Administration has made huge strides in the Middle East: taking out terrorist leaders, brokering historic deals, & moving US forces into support roles as Afghans lead the fight for their country. Premature retreat would put this record at risk. https://t.co/egVaLJSIlS

It is sad to see leading Democrats including some Governors treat the vaccine news like a mixed blessing because it occurred under a Republican administration. Some things must be bigger than politics. Leaders should be cheering this on, not baselessly undermining science.

This week’s news on a COVID-19 vaccine was incredibly promising. All of us have to keep up commonsense precautions in the meantime. The virus is spreading quickly in Kentucky and nationwide, and it doesn’t care whether we’ve gotten bored with wearing masks or social distancing.

Today, we reflect on the heroism of America’s veterans and those currently serving in uniform. From the Greatest Generation to our 21st-century fighting force, we owe all veterans our gratitude and respect. Happy Veterans Day. https://t.co/TL2cI46ESm

This news confirms what Republicans have said for months: Our country needs more smart, focused relief that is targeted to schools, healthcare, small businesses, & those who are hurting the most. Not the absurd multi-trillion-dollar socialist wish-lists Democrats have demanded.

American workers are rebuilding our economy stronger & faster than anyone predicted. Experts predicted double-digit unemployment into 2021. Instead, it’s down to 6.9%. More than 630k new jobs just last month. Too many are still hurting. Our work isn't done. But what progress.

Grateful to my Senate Republican colleagues for their unanimous confidence in me to continue serving as Leader. We have a lot more to do to continue fighting for working families and strengthening our great country. https://t.co/Vh8yNkC3Pl

Yesterday, we learned one COVID-19 vaccine candidate may be more than 90% effective. This huge good news is a testament to the ingenuity of the American private sector and the historic groundwork laid by Congress and the Trump Administration. https://t.co/TtcD2TpmJC

Here’s how this must work in our great country: Every legal vote should be counted. Any illegally-submitted ballots must not. All sides must get to observe the process. And the courts are here to apply the laws & resolve disputes. That's how Americans' votes decide the result.

ICYMI: I joined @hughhewitt to discuss confirming Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court and Democrats’ threats against our governing  institutions: https://t.co/ArVnvccID9

Tune in now: I am joining @guypbenson to discuss the Senate’s successful confirmation of Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court. https://t.co/HC2JtVXHgB

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