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Speaker| Speaking Coach | Author: Unarmed Empire & 40 Days on Being a 3 | Coaching Churches, Businesses, Gov'ts, & Execs on “Better Talk About Race.” He/Him

Houston, Texas
Joined on July 05, 2008

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Wy don't many evangelical pastors condemn racism? Because their congregations won't like it. Wy won't their congregations like condemnation of racism? know...racism

Many pastors won’t condemn racism & injustice against minorities because they’re bound by the limitations of conservative evangelical anxiety. Pastor, don’t leave God’s people in the bondage of fear, lead them into the freedom of love.

Took longer than I expected (heck, 2020 is nuts and everything has taken longer than I expected), but finally got notes written to friends and colleagues who helped make ”40 Days...” a reality. @ Sugar Land, Texas

If we're going to be forced to watch certain sports @peacockTV, please fix this very nonsensical channel guide and search. If you force it, don't make is so bad.

@seanpalmer (Enneagram Three) offers some keen insight to rise above the cultural chaos of this political moment. See it here on “Personality & Politics”

Amazon has started a podcast platform.       #enneagram

Amazon has started a podcast platform. #enneagram

It's neither inherently bad or good. It is a reminder that folks who want to "stay closed" (whatever they means), have an agenda besides health & safety, but so do those who want to "open up." All have serious, real-world concerns. Just a caution to remember. People have agendas.

They are also, well, entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial in the way they approach their work, making them less risk-averse and/or more dependent on a predictable economic structure, often involving travel and face-to-face interaction, like I need for public speaking.

Neither a critique nor praise, just an observation from my Twitter feed and that narrow window alone. My friends who are entrepreneurs seem the most likely to think Covid precautions excessive and the numbers of reported cases are overblown.

Warehouse Arrival!📦 The first two volumes of the new Enneagram Daily Reflections series are here! Order your copy of ‘Forty Days on Being a Two’ by #HunterMobley and ‘Forty Days on Being a Three’ by @seanpalmer at #EnneagramDailyReflections #Enneagram

I've reserved Fridays over the last month to meet friends at outdoor eateries. Houston weather is finally cooperating and time in the sun with good folks is what's saving my life right now.

I don't know much about theses things, so what is the practical use of a healthy person knowing the blood/oxygen level?

A good bit of my self hate is birthed from how much I genuinely laugh at Geico commercials.

Friends, thanks so much for your gifts to CenterPeace today! Thanks to your generosity, students won’t miss #e32020 because of cost. We still have a few hours to meet our goal of $1000, so dig deep! #NorthTexasGivingDay

Friends, thanks so much for your gifts to CenterPeace today! Thanks to your generosity, students won’t miss #e32020 because of cost. We still have a few hours to meet our goal of $1000, so dig deep! #NorthTexasGivingDay

Is it wrong to want an assistant, not because you're so busy, but because there are a number of things you just don't want to do?

Look what came today! My newest “40 Days on Being a 3”. I’m so excited to get this to you all. @ivpress did a BEAUTIFUL job. Available for pre-order NOW. Link in bio. #enneagram #enneagram3 @ Houston, Texas

Honored to be among this company of God-loving women and men.

Quoted @davidkinnaman

Our latest research, which I personally find staggering and angering. Many White Christians have actually become more resistant to racial injustice concerns over the last 12 months. I'll tweet more later, but wanted to get this on your radar, since our study just released today.

You may find it staggering and angering, but it ain’t surprising. I don’t think the people’s thoughts have changed, they’ve just been given permission to voice them.

Sean Palmer marked himself safe from being scored on by Paul George. #NBAPlayoffs

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