i might be a quack but i do love beer. giving many and no fucks simultaneously. #appropriatelyconfident but #alwayslearning she/her/they/them

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Watching hockey. Missing Doc Emrick.

There is not a nursing admin cost for oral meds. So if your patient can take them orally, give the meds orally, even if they “already have an IV.”

Quoted @emily_fri

What will push you to give IV steroids for a COPD exacerbation rather than pred? 😬

All those saying bc the IV is already there as your reason, please stop: in the US, IV administrated meds come with a nursing cost in addition to the med cost. Somewhere on the order of $150-200 per nursing administration.

A record number of patients have spontaneously told me about a 1st degree relative death who died in the last month.

Do not underestimate carrrrrbs

Please forgive mispelling. Drink 3 is a in hand.

Picture is an hawaain sweet roll and butter and a corelle plate that says enjoy

Hubby is the best. Bring me carbs. While I’m drinking. Carrrrrrbs.

In one more drink it will be Lawful Evil so...

Right now I feel Chaotic Good.

Bc Spiderman should be burdened with his secret.

Wished the extra ending wasn’t there. Sets a mood I do not want

I wished it end with his swinging thru NYC. So hopeful...spoilerish next.

Watching Spiderman Far from Home

A professor I just looked up has a section on his webpage called "Manuscripts that never got published and I don't know why" 🤣

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Kitten physical exam: (A thread) Lymph node exam #IDtwitter #Peds

Your morning feed cleanser ;)

I don't put projects on the back burner. I put them under the floorboards, where the ever-louder beating of their hearts drives me slowly to madness.

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