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Normalize not normalizing things

Remember the good old days when you couldn't Google anything so you had to pretend you knew what you were doing. Good times.

Oh, we're doing the "normalize" (insert something stupid) tweets again? Cool cool... *jerk off motion*

Where the fuck is Batman when we need him?

All I'm saying is alcohol will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.

Stay safe? This year?

Remember when Kanye was going to run for president? Good times

Ever read something and think โ€œwhat the fuck is wrong with you?โ€

eats a dozen doughnuts... *checks for flabs*

They say people come into your life for a reason, some are just meant to be different than others.

When I was in a relationship, I used to think aww what a cute couple Iโ€™m so happy for them. Now, I want to vomit and gauge my eyes out. Get a room.

People didnโ€™t have to suck. But yet here we are

Remember when people were offended about baby itโ€™s cold outside? Yeah, good times.

Them: do you enjoy small talk? Me: yes *walks away*

Hope you feel better once youโ€™re done stabbing all those people

Sometimes happiness comes in the form of โ€œdelete contactโ€

Surely this is all just a dream

More two paragraph replies to one line tweets because this place isnโ€™t stupid enough

Plot twist; what if Scotty knew?

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