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Citizen first. Only 'ism' is humanism. newsman, tv anchor, author, father, friend. New book: 2019: How Modi Won India. pre order here: https://t.co/IJRYyyNZzx

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#FarmersAgitation: Pressure mounts on Modi government. Watch this and more on #NewsToday with @sardesairajdeep at 9 PM. #Promo https://t.co/Eglh3INZmU

The BJP’s original ally, comrade in jail during Emergency, unarguably one of the tallest politicians of our times, has returned his Padma Vibhushan to show solidarity with farmers: Sardar Prakash Singh Badal!🙏

Quoted @PalshikarSuhas

@sardesairajdeep Do legal arguments still matter in deciding validity of controversial policies?

They may not matter to politicians sir but they should matter to lawyers/judges!🙏 https://t.co/38vi7gKO0L

Quoted @IndiaToday

Superstar @rajinikanth to launch a political party in January, formal announcement on December 31 More details: https://t.co/Ni9iUQaLpg #ITCard #Rajinikanth #Politics #Thalaiva #PoliticalParty https://t.co/jIs10o7qYY

Superstar @rajinikanth to launch a political party in January, formal announcement on December 31
More details: https://t.co/Ni9iUQaLpg

#ITCard #Rajinikanth #Politics #Thalaiva #PoliticalParty https://t.co/jIs10o7qYY

So Rajnikanth makes an announcement about an announcement: will he form his own party to tie up with the BJP or simply remain an X factor in TN? https://t.co/zrNAxZ5NG4

The UP love jihad ordinance is anti constitutional writes Abhinav Chandrachud.. he explains why here. Worth a read: https://t.co/9pSIAS0YZZ

#FarmersProtest | Why are actors and singers participating in farmers' protests? Actor Deep Sidhu (@iamdeepsidhu) explains it. #ITVideo Full video of #NewsToday with @sardesairajdeep - https://t.co/hbSnzY3K38 https://t.co/EOVxiVg0H0

So @MamataOfficial address to the @OxfordUnion is cancelled just an hour before it was scheduled according to the WB CM office. As a former member of the debating society would love to know what were the ‘circumstances’ that led to a last minute postponement! Any guesses?🙏

How and why the farm agitation has brought together Punjabi society: https://t.co/vElbX1kci5 @IndiaToday

Why Pfizer may not be the answer to India’s Covid prayers.. listen in to doctors from across the world: https://t.co/lhAC364Kb4 @IndiaToday

Several Punjab olympians planning to return awards, protest music by leading Punjabi folk singers, actors joining in protests: when civil society stands with the farmer, then it’s a warning signal to those who malign farmer protests. Govt and kisaan cannot be enemies!🙏

News Today: 9 pm: Pfizer to start vaccinations from next week: what does it mean for India and the world? 9.30 pm: actors, singers and sportspersons from Punjab join farm protests. Why has the issue touched such a chord across the state? @IndiaToday at 9: news without noise.

When someone writes Democracy’s XI part 2, I hope they celebrate @Natarajan_91 .. another inspirational story of cricket’s remarkable ability to make fairy tales come true! Go well young man! We are proud of you!🙏👍 https://t.co/3pCmzDHFGg

Quoted @umang_indian

Message from colleague Friends, my 1 relative is admitted to Saroj Hospital, Sector 14, Rohini Delhi, and is need of Plasma. If someone has recovered from Covid19 28 days back and can volunteer for donating Plasma please contact me @9811658112 Regards Prashant Lakhanpal.

Pl help!👇 https://t.co/jwjh1V8YaG

Breaking: Pfizers Covid vaccine gets approval in the UK.. to begin vaccinations next week!👍👍

Quoted @VijaiSardesai

Yes @sardesairajdeep a healthy mid-day #siesta will help us #think better #work smarter and #live happier. This is the #Goemkar way and we should not change it, but encourage all to #embrace it ! https://t.co/f98K6V5Gtt

Couldn’t agree more!🙏👍 https://t.co/D5G3Kgr7V5

Quoted @durgadasskamat

@sardesairajdeep You should also give a try to it ! As you need much energy for #PrimeTime later in the evening !

My friend, like a good Goan, it’s part of my daily cycle: 3.30 to 4.30 pm!😄 https://t.co/zg1Vv51kDt

Only in Goa story: how mandatory siesta could be part of an election manifesto! https://t.co/UPIf8YLiLV @VijaiSardesai @durgadasskamat

Only in Punjab story: How Punjabi singers have put their weight behind protesting farmers.. https://t.co/inu6vvhGEH

‘I am religious but my Hinduism does not teach me to hate someone else..’ @UrmilaMatondkar on switching to Shiv Sena and more.. https://t.co/8VRckqH5Zg @IndiaToday

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