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I can't be the only one who wants Biden to ask Ivanka Trump to be his Senior Advisor and then at her oath ceremony, swipe the bible out from under her hand and go "honey I was kidding"

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I always tell the people I mentor: some will say it's not your turn, it's not your time—don't listen.

“I eat no for breakfast.” 🙌🙌

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At the 2016 inauguration Michelle Obama absolutely knew what the country was heading for.

At the 2016 inauguration Michelle Obama absolutely knew what the country was heading for.

These reaction shots make Jim Halpert look like an amateur

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Standing ovation 👏 @fortunefunny is nominated for Best Comedy Special at the @CriticsChoice Awards!

Standing ovation 👏 @fortunefunny is nominated for Best Comedy Special at the @CriticsChoice Awards!

Thank you 😊😊

Oh my god I just remembered we’re getting rid of Stephen Miller too

“Malignant Narcissists” implies the existence of “Benign Narcissists,” which are also the two genres of stand-up comedy.

“That’s not what I meant.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., probably

Crazy how the confederacy mounted a more successful insurrection than the proud boys and they didn’t even have the Internet. Or telephones. Or electricity. Or cheese. Wait did they have cheese? I’m not a historian

Not sure who needs to see this today (besides me), but whenever I get a little down, I watch this. 😂😂😂 Hope your inauguration eve is going well. ❤️ via @pkrugg

Just for the shot at the end

Today is my first @cnn video package along with an oped on the power of HBCU’s. Check it out!

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“Any chance I can get you guys to leave the Senate wing?” the officer asked politely...

I wish I could be as confident browsing a department store makeup counter as this guy is breaking into the Senate.

Dear politicians/political influencers: When you tweet about my father’s birthday, remember that he was resolute about eradicating racism, poverty & militarism. Encourage & enact policies that reflect your birthday sentiments. Here’s the authentic #MLK:

Thank you for all the replies and pics and videos! This thread made my weekend. And now I want a dachshund

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Ahead on #CBSSunday After 20 years of trying, standup comedian @sarahcpr became an overnight success when she started lip-syncing President Trump, stripping away his image and using only his words, in social media posts

I’ll be on @CBSSunday today with the lovely and talented @JimAxelrod - 9am EST (this tweet is mostly for my mom thx)

I was walking my cockapoo Stella and passed a woman walking her daschund. I asked her if Stella could say hi. She goes, “no way lady, this is a daschund, that should tell you alllll you need to know” and I’ve been thinking about it all day and realized I do need more information

Lots of jokes about the My Pillow guy but ask yourself this: does anyone know who Biden’s pillow guy is? we’re about to have a president who has no advisors from the pillow industry, let that sink in

I'm so tired I don't even have the energy to keep talking until I remember what the question was

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