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Strat Comms ace talking Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, UK; BBC World Service and UN alum; Usual caveats.

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Quoted @omidhq

برای مرد افغان سریال استرالیایی «بی‌وطن» از بازیگر لبنانی استفاده کرده‌اند. نتیجه اینکه پدر چهره‌ی تاجیکی دارد اما دخترش هزاره است با لهجه جاغوری. بدتر اینکه پدر و دختر باهم انگلیسی حرف می‌زنند :)))) اما در مجموع سریال بدی نیست. به نظرم لیاقت ۷ یا ۸ از ۱۰ را دارد. #Stateless

اولش پدر مگه که همسرش هزاره است اما خودش نیست.

« Please find enclosed a tenner to help someone in the world who has nothing «  A touching card from a kind man who pushes supermarket trolleys for a living but says he is « living in luxury «  compared to many others. #kindness #empathy #InItTogether

« Please find enclosed a tenner to help someone in the world who has nothing «  A touching card from a kind man who pushes supermarket trolleys for a living but says he is « living in luxury «  compared to many others. #kindness #empathy #InItTogether

Quoted @peterson__scott

My report, on suicides/hopelessness: In #Iran they are “not just veterans of a war, but actual defenders of the revolution. So when they open up their mouths &start critiquing in the ways they do, it can be pretty damning": @nargesbajoghli via @csmonitor

This is the definition of despair: "This is not life" My heart breaks for #Iran.

Quoted @hdagres

What happens when your news anchor is Iranian... 💗 (Shally Zomorodi is Fox 5 San Diego’s morning news anchor.)

YO! SD aren't you luck?

Quoted @bsarwary

Poor Groom! Selfie of the year !

Belly laugh.

Quoted @RozitaRiazati

Reports from #Iran say a big fire has broken out at a power plant in the south near city of Ahvaz — latest in a series of such incidents. Ebrahim Qanbari of emergency services there says the cause of fire was an explosion in 1 of the transformers—no casualties reported yet. IRNA

What is going on with all the fires and explosions in #Iran.

9 days ago

As peace talks loom, a young educated generation of Afghans is anxious about the future of their country after the death of a young woman in a car bombing. Powerful storytelling from @bbclysedoucet. #afghanistan #AfghanPeaceProcess

YES YES YES. Thank you. Could not agree more! For years I've been telling people who refer to me as a BAME to BAME off! So glad young people of colour are seeing the issues with this. Get your act together Britain.

Today in history. 32 years ago, an Iranian passenger plane was blown out of the sky by the US military over the Persian gulf. All 290 onboard were killed. The tragedy mostly forgotten in 🇺🇸 not in Iran. #iranair655 #july3rd1988 #ussvincennes

Quoted @JohnDrtrs

INSIGHT Coronavirus and sanctions hit Iran’s support of proxies in Iraq

Thank god! “The training, said the second commander, included street fighting, the use of anti-armour rockets, and the use of drones to triangulate enemy positions. That has all stopped.”

Quoted @BiruniKhorasan

@afroisalreadyin @KarlreMarks The USA is already converting Afghans and Iraqis into its new religion: Liberalism. American universities, schools, media across the region are busy spreading their new secular faith. Nothing new here that is what every conqueror does to the conquered.

Are you serious? American Universities only the elite can afford? What schools? Please google SIGAR to see how things are going on that front. They would be funny if they were so tragic. And what is your point anyway?

Quoted @lindseyhilsum

Hold the front page....

Wow! Didn't see that coming!

Quoted @andrewquilty

This, just dropped from @AANafgh and @GPPi. I haven't even touched it yet but am still very willing to suggest you do.

I second that.

Quoted @omidhq

اینجا میرامور است، ولایت دایکندی در قلب افغانستان. سرزمین آبا و اجدادی من. به جز مادرکلان پدری‌ام که بهسودی‌ست، نسل اندر نسل والدینم اهل روستاهای اطراف همین مسجد هستند. آخر دنیاست. بدون اغراق یکی از زیباترین و دست‌نخورده‌ترین جاهایی که به عمرم دیده‌ام. فیلم از @jordan_bryon

So beautiful. I love Daykundi.

#Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to help @AJENews

Quoted @bsarwary

“ If I catch anyone stealing from the police, I will strip him naked and give him a tour of Logar.” The new police chief of Logar province.

Thanks @bsarwary. On an awful day like this one, this quote made me smile.

.@ShaharzadAkbar tells @BBCNewshour Afghans are exhausted by war but the work must go on "Fatima Khalil and Jawid Folad were brave, loyal, courageous and kind colleagues, full of hope for #Afghanistan .. we are losing young people every day" 📻

Quoted @ProfSunnySingh

I have no idea when it was made but if current, i’d consider the prank as bad taste

I don't think it's a prank. I think it's a show. They are actors.

Quoted @JaneFerguson5

Important reminder from @bbclysedoucet: With so many people living hand to mouth in these countries, the further economic cost of “staying at home” will be as fatal as the virus itself..

"On 30 June, Doucet will chair an online panel, Mission accomplished? Victory in the age of endless wars, on the Imperial War Museum YouTube channel" And will be there to watch. You should too.

Quoted @febrahimzade

یک زمانی هم بود که مردم از آرزوهایشان می‌نوشتند #مجله_آسیای_جوان

یک زمانی هم بود که مردم از آرزوهایشان می‌نوشتند #مجله_آسیای_جوان

This page from an old Iranian newspaper carries the wishes of a few readers. We know that the guy who wanted to ban alcohol got his wish! I wonder if the rest of them did. I am so touched by these wishes -- a radio, a bicycle, a violin, money for college.

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