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Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ IG:romac_gorilla business inquiries: —————————————————————— Link: My YouTube Channel

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“The Gospel of Jesus Christ is that there’s grace for us. That Jesus came and died for our sins.” - Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac

Finishing up todays training on the heavybag

Video: Caught up with Rory MacDonald (@rory_macdonald), ahead of the release of PFL's docu-series, 'Red King Rundown.' Hadn't talked to Rory for a minute, really enjoyed this. Check it out.

Setting up punches to the body tutorial

Setting up punches to the body tutorial

because of this worlds change of heart. Let’s come together and do that. And it starts in our own homes. #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter pt.13

love and unity. and by doing that we can overcome this evil agenda to divide peope. so we must take responsibility for ourselves and our choices that we make. I want to live in a world that we love and respect each other and see one another as one not because of laws but pt.12

against anyone that have tried to upset me, and all it got me was more pain and heartache, and its still something i try to manage even now. but during this time its made me think of Gods love he has for each and everyone of us, and his will that we would come together in pt.11

because in the end more evil actions from the pain we feel will only seperate us more and create more hate and evil against one another. As I say this im not preaching that i’m innocent of lashing out on others that have hurt me, a big portion of my life ive lashed out pt.10

the father before his crucifixion he prayed for his church (believers) that they would be united as ONE! i think those words are extremely powerful and important for humanity. we must keep Gods word written in out hearts and minds even during times of attack or heartache. pt.9

trying to destroy our lives and souls. racism is straight from hell and aims to seperate us from one another. Let’s not let this divide us. Now more than ever we need to come together. Jesus words were that we should love our neighbor as ourself. and in his prayer to God pt.8

want to communicate to those people and people that have a racist outlook on a race or religion of people is that God made EVERYONE of us in his image and we come from him which makes us all brothers and sisters in this world together facing the same evil enemy that is pt.7

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