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<== member of the covid jaw clench root canal club.

Just heard teacher mutter “I can’t do this anymore” before muting her mic

Anyone complaining about teachers’ pensions should be forced to moderate an all-day zoom call of 22 seven year olds.

The Vampire Ship Epic long read in a bloody Greek/MidEastern drug deal that surely will get optioned, because you can't make this stuff up. Make time read it, seriously. Bravo Alexander Klapp, who hits infrequently but never disappoints.

Presented without comment.

Everything about this “$100 Trump cards” story is on brand, including the fact no deal could be reached.

Quoted @elizashapiro

BREAKING: NYC schools will NOT physically reopen for all students on Monday. The city is doing a phased-in reopening instead, by grade levels, throughout the next few weeks. This is the second time the mayor has delayed in-person classes. More soon.

In NYC, indoor dining will resume before in class learning for kids. We need to prioritize what’s important societally and make sure we advance those goals. Safely returning kids to in class learning in low prevalence settings like NYC should be among our highest priorities.

This.....cannot be real, and yet it is:

I like the idea of little beasties of completely different genetics living in Venus' atmosphere - how they could possibly survive things like the planet's lack of a protective magnetic field would be wild.

This is going to be my gift to everyone, this Christmas. Brutal East by @Zupagrafika — cut-out paper models of the grim post-war architecture of central and eastern Europe.

One of the more interesting defenses for political campaigns worried about hacking must be to leave “trap streets” and follow where the info goes.

Quoted @wsl

Seth Moniz and @zekelau staying busy on a flat day on the North Shore. Video: Peter King Photography

Saw one of these electric boards on the Hudson (underneath the Tappan Zee) on Sunday. It looked fun, the guy on it looked bored.

Questions about the published data for the Russian vaccine candidate - there are apparent duplications in the data patterns that seem a bit hard to explain:

It’s always funny how many people think an answer of “who knows” means ignorance.

The $AZN hold and the next several months will illustrate just how many people confuse risk and uncertainty.

Note that is a trailing multiple. Something I wrote last week where I try to put the company's growth in context (and note that Google was valued at about 10 times historic sales when it went public).

We already knew Snowflake IPO was going to be bonkers, but top of range is roughly same multiple as Zoom (~60x revenue) and now Buffett and Salesforce say they will buy in....

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