Every house used to have one.... In 1965🏚️🌱🌱🌿

Am here for the craic :) I'll telt thee all this. Blue's my ickle miss WELCOME TO TWITTER....PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BRAINS IN THE RECE....RESEP.....BIN DERE

Joined on April 07, 2011

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I know...... Let's be annoying *that'll work

How lucky are you? Oh.... That lucky

Big problems coming for yukkers 😆

*adjusts tie There..... That'll hold em

And with barely a whisper, Sunday passes

I've just realized.... Good job cash machine

So that cruise blokes been overlooked for any more jack stuff..... Over reached sorta

All the money in the world, that's ever existed, plus will ever exist, won't make you interesting, ya fek 😂

Many times I've put this. I use it see, in sentences, as a bridge, this is it, see, bridging mi tweet void, this.... Here.... See.... It

When Twitter blocking all the ads?

I ate some food. It was nice. I recommend eating for you lot. Whenever

What's it called when you've got strong arms and can crush apples to pulp.... Oh yeah.... Wasteful

Loads of polis wandering around on a street a way away from mine.... But none on letsby avenue.... Weird

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