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Rickey's gift is taking a concept and nurture it to it’s ripe fruition. The ‘fruits’ that have been harvested are hundreds of events – of them blockbusters.

Montreal, QC Canada
Joined on March 14, 2012

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Not the most flattering picture but the realist moment for sure. Love my baby, Darnelle. Happy Daughter Day! @ Montreal, Quebec https://t.co/0I7wSVbYCY

Amazing meal with an Amazing Birthday Lady! @ Restaurant Grinder https://t.co/8k30bAhEdP

Two Amazing Brothers doing it in their unique way. Word. @ Montreal, Quebec https://t.co/NwVCkQC8a0

Danny’s Wear. Go support if you in Montreal North. Black Own and operated. He got all the Swagg! @ Montréal-Nord, Quebec https://t.co/CIwROdGFJc

Starting at 2pm. Go to the Phi Center website. Going to speaking to the younger Generation about my experiences today. @phicentre @ PHI Centre https://t.co/ob22WZcWaz

Just posted a photo @ University of Ottawa https://t.co/DMjAsubRx0

Young Lion. @ Montreal, Quebec https://t.co/aJiZ1e7ypW

CONGRATULATIONS!!!Huge move. @taniaparissi sokafit_canada #rickeydevents @ Montreal, Quebec https://t.co/gvdT1ska4G

It looks like Toronto woke up from their self induced coma. GoRaptorsGo!

This Saturday in Ottawa!! Petrie Island will be invaded by SOKA heads. 3pm the invasion begins. @ Petrie Island Beach https://t.co/W0gnBynOrj

Quoted @espn

Wow. Listen to Jamal Murray 🙏 https://t.co/Tj6URs5kXk

Incredible. True Grit! https://t.co/vvPKtuUQvv

Good morning Insta & FB family! —— Due to the uncertain weather this weekend we have decided to postpone our SokaFit / SokadistancTing class & Jerusalema Dance Challenge to Saturday September 5th, with the rain… https://t.co/znTzTbNlhz

Enjoying a beautiful day at my buddy’s restaurant kamuyrestaurant. Yes! @ Kamúy https://t.co/6DQAVka5K9

Violent Ground won a huge award in the Native Community. Congrats to my brothers. They are making moves. @ViolentGround91 nomad.ents @ Canada https://t.co/XFiX33E6Ev

We were in Heaven. Awesome meals by chefpaultoussaint at kamuyrestaurant. Enjoyed it to the fullest. @ Kamúy https://t.co/uRJ98hGdfA

With chefpaultoussaint at kamuyrestaurant. The Dinner continues........ about to get tipsy! Start of my wife’s birthday week! Oh boy! Love ya Babe! @ Kamúy https://t.co/KreoiRMJQ5

Yes. chefpaultoussaint you amazing. #bravo on new restaurant. kamuyrestaurant @ Kamúy https://t.co/wKkwxIQ6i2

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