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Socially liberal, economically moderate, and personally conservative. 30 year educator. Personal account!, #resist #FBR Vlog on YouTube! IG: richardroyster

Kentucky, USA
Joined on September 11, 2009

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Quoted @acrossthecurve

Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden

You can't have an effective country when one party tries to make sure the country is a disaster when the other party is in power

Quoted @adamkraymond

Joe Bennett stopped to film Jeffersontown Police as they surrounded a car. He said he was doing his "due diligence as a citizen." Then one of the officers walked across the parking lot and punched him.

Gangs in blue with badges and guns.

Quoted @GenePark

“we’re weak” bro speak for yourself. Colonizer.

“we’re weak” bro speak for yourself. Colonizer.

The worst thing about the Trump era was that it normalized the idea that some groups of Americans don't really belong in this country. I really hope we can go back to the days when Americans didn't think about ethnic cleansing all the goddamn time.

It's been 24 days since the election. @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell, @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy, and most of the Republican Party has yet to recognize the result of our election and democracy, and congratulate Biden. This is more than sore loser - this is sedition in plain sight.

Quoted @SpockResists

The religious right in America is nationalist identity, it is not a faith expressed through practice.

Good thread

It feels good knowing these people lost.

It feels good knowing these people lost.

Others can talk about legal merits of Justice Gorsuch's argument, the moral implications. But Gorsuch's argument is epidemiologically, scientifically ignorant, even worse, he had full knowledge of these facts in the amicus briefs in the case. So he is lying through his teeth. 10/

Quoted @RichyCraven

The most stressed out I've ever been about Christmas was when I was 16 and I got my first ever job, working at M&S in Dundrum. As soon as I started I kept hearing these myths about the Christmas Eve Waste Sale, where all the food that wasn't sold on the 24th was marked down 90%.

Found it. Best content of the DAY!

Quoted @AOC

If you want to know why COVID relief is tied up in Congress, one key reason is that Republicans are demanding legal immunity for corporations so they can expose their workers to COVID without repercussions. Dems don’t want you to die for a check. That’s what we’re fighting over.

Like I’ve been repeatedly saying... #RadicalRepublicans

Quoted @jimsciutto

President Trump is spending Thanksgiving morning at his golf club. This is his 416th day in office spent at a Trump property and his 305th day spent at a golf course.

Reagan was The Gipper. Trump is the Grifter.

Quoted @Meagan_Flynn

Thanksgiving special: Spent some time last week at outgoing @RepRiggleman's distillery, where he shared with us what hunting Bigfoot with the true believers taught him about politics:

“If you look at the Giulianis or the Sidney Powells of the world, they’re making money off the a mythological quest of things that can’t be proven. I saw it with Bigfoot. I’m seeing it with QAnon. It’s about money. And sometimes crazy and money live in the same space.”

Rep. Ted Lieu: "He was dangled to pardon, that is why he remained silent ... But now that the pardon has happened, his 5th Amendment right regarding this issue goes away and Michael Flynn will now have to testify about what Donald Trump knew related to Russia." @MSNBC

Quoted @mattsheffield

Conservatives love to complain that everyone is against them: professors, journalists, intelligence officers, social media companies, and so on. I used to as well until I considered that maybe having problems with everyone else isn't their fault, it's yours.

Really good THREAD on the right-wing media sphere and how it is continually pushed to the extremes.

@Megawatts55 @Minervasbard Christianity today has far too often become a placeholder for reactionary politics and bears little resemblance to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus railed against the kind of smug, self satisfied religion of reactionary politicians masquerading as jurists.

BAHAHAHA! / Hackensack Board Member Who Opposed LGBTQ Curriculum Resigns After Embarrassing Zoom Incident

everybody in America thinks they could one day become a billionaire but nobody thinks they could get covid

Dammit 2020! This shit ain’t funny anymore. | Dead mink infected with a mutated form of COVID-19 rise from graves after mass culling via @usatoday

Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving dish, and we’ll share some of what we know about the work behind the ingredients. #WeFeedYou #ThankAFarmworker

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