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7 days ago
My kind of love language. https://t.co/PK3I5p0eIc

My kind of love language. https://t.co/PK3I5p0eIc

my future ✨🦋

if your tone is slightly off with me i will overthink it for the next 3-5 working days

6 months ago

Have u ever just wanted to have a real, genuine talk with someone abt why they did what they did to you????

11 days ago

One year ago today I performed in the Philippines for the first time Y’all were amazing 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 I hope I see you again soon ❤️ https://t.co/xgMdPaUn1h

15 days ago

im convinced different people bring out different versions of you.

21 days ago

you know what, you deserve friends who listen willingly when you open up about something. you don’t need ones who always make everything about them. if u happen to have some, it’s about time you grew up. lose them as you should.

Kinda wanna go fishing for my bday 😬

imagine not procrastinating 😩

cHAkNu 😂 bruh one of the best nights I’ve had 💯

i want to go fiSHiNG 🎣


fiSHING 🎣 reel iT IN 🤪

Malapit na ako maging ganito. https://t.co/hI94ZvlXBi

@/sugars with A B0At yAcHt https://t.co/EGbkDPC96T

a month ago

I barely talk to anyone anymore, I be in my own lil zone fr

Quoted @rubyymoraa

your teenage years going to waste bc strict parents 😔<<<

strict parents = takas = best night out of your life TRUST https://t.co/LL8YYiSDJc

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