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Outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays #TeamNewBalance #TeamLizardSkin

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6 days ago

Dont tell Lance Lynn that simulated games don't matter https://t.co/cA7i2enS3k

Craig Counsell gets it. The @Brewers families supporting the Crew from home yesterday. #ThisIsMyCrew https://t.co/3RhaXrBcKr

Craig Counsell gets it. The @Brewers families supporting the Crew from home yesterday. #ThisIsMyCrew https://t.co/3RhaXrBcKr

Just tuned into “The return of Sports” did they already show Manfred or not yet!?

You’re holding a losing hand. Unfortunately, it’s a losing hand for everyone involved, not just you. There’s some saying out there about not killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Check it out on the ole google machine. It’s worth knowing.

Is June 15, so how do you delay another 13 days? 🤔🤔🤔 guess we all got that answer today. Threaten to cancel the season. Threaten arbitration. Threaten grievances. All the while, hold the fans for ransom. Hold the future of the game for ransom. No one believes your bluff, bud.

Be at least 4 off days in there...so that’s 64 days. Plus about 20 for spring training...84 days. Sept 27-84 days is July 5. Plus about a week to get players to spring training. So tack on another 7, that takes us to June 28. As I have it figured, that’s your deadline. But today

Prorated salary, so you’ll probably settle somewhere around there, potentially a couple games higher than that to throw people off the scent, isn’t that right, Rob? So in that scenario, let’s see, sept 27 end date to protect playoff tv schedules, 60 ish games, going to have to

obvious to everyone what you were trying to do. And no one would think that was a “representative season” so you’d risk not getting your precious playoff money. Nope, can’t have that. So gotta make it more than that. But not too many...you’ve gone as high as about 55 games full

play as many games as possible”. The public backlash combined with potential of having to explain yourself in front of an arbitrator isn’t too appealing, is it? Let’s see...the way I have it figured you want to play between 50 and 60 games. Can’t make it 50 cuz that would be too

isn’t it Rob? Because then you’d have to explain why you’re only going to impose 50 games when we could easily play 70+ right now. The tactic is to bluff with “no season” again and delay another 2-3 weeks until you clear the risk of “not negotiating in good faith by trying to

So, Rob, explain to us how you can be 100% sure that there’s going to be baseball but not confident there will be baseball at the same time? hmmm. What changed between those statements 🤔🤔 Players told you to set the season, but it’s too early to set the season right now,

Quoted @RGrich15

@thehazelmae This is unbelievable.

When a league's commissioner says a season will 100% take place – only to reverse course and say he's "not confident" anymore after just five days, that undercuts the credibility of the league and its top decision makers. https://t.co/fVInmFkL0e

From this AM: I broke down both the union and the league's statements from last night to tell you what's really going on. Short version: MLB is trying to scream its way into a deal it wishes it had made in March but did not. They're not fooling anyone. https://t.co/GI7hhJxKKh

The owners’ whole strategy from the beginning has been this. Play as few regular season games as possible to limit player cost as much as possible. Play as many post season games as possible to drive revenue as high as possible. They’re more than happy to play only 50 games...

The League and players explained in Father/son duo titled “Juice vs Water.” (Forgive my delayed voice) https://t.co/9Zi8ncvpQW

Can Manfred just implement the 48 game season already since we all know that’s all he’s trying to do here. These negotiations are brutal. All the owners are doing is wasting time to get what they want. This sucks.

Just so y’all know, 70% of prorated salaries at 72 games is the exact same as...wait for it...full prorated salary at 48. Nothing to see here. Same exact offer in different clothing. Just a reallocation of risk.

Hey MLB ownership... spend your money now (by honoring the agreement made when this all started in March) and gain a whole lot more down the road. There are so many new fans at your doorstep. Don’t be afraid to open the door...

We want to play. We’ve been ready to play. It’s our job.

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