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The Tajeda pop heavy !

i’m so ready to see where i’ll be in the next 6 months 😭🙌🏽

I’m bout to put in 100 hours in my business this week .. rather work for myself than to slave for another . That’s just me ..

Gone run it up every time 😎

When a nigga whoop ya ass but he still gotta take u home i jus seen the funniest shit ever

One day the cops a kill a mufucka i aint always wanna be this drug dealing mufucka

Meth and Mary on power 🔥🔥

This last episode to intense ghost against everybody

Ppl be loving so many things from a far. Remember to stay far.

watching end of season 6 man on Power they doing ghost rirty this painful to watch

When our moms had bfs back in the day they broke up we never seen them niggas again just hear when they die.

Worst 2k Day Ever @NBA2K @2KSupport

Rewind Clip: Romanians Do Not F**k With The Police: He Destroyed This Cop With A Flying Kick! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

GLASSES USA REVIEW via @YouTube my sister YouTube channel

Katt williams > Kevin Hart

How i have da same daughter twice girls are crazy

5 months ago

I tell everybody im good cause wtf they going do if I’m not ..

Why ain’t nobody tell me For Life was this good

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