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Actor - I'm an X-man who cant 'X', a pro dancer who cant 'dance', a camp councellor whose never been to camp and a soldier whose never been to war - fraud!

Joined on June 27, 2009

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I have tasty ears apparently https://t.co/LR1JDn7SHd

Turns out 2 x Cyclops = 1 Beast! We kinda make a Nicholas Hoult, no? Thanks mutanteorgulhosobr 😋 https://t.co/70BCXgxPDa

Another from the vault. Thanks to @ch8i for providing the luxurious couch, and to bekonaise for documenting this very important moment. Not really sure what’s going on in this pic, but I don’t look impressed with… https://t.co/CwJmwl9yjf

Call me OfFred! This Handmaid’s tale-esque photo from way back when might come as a surprise. Before acting on screen, I was actually a child opera singer for several years. This was from a rather glorious yet tragic… https://t.co/FKgjy0sY0o

Flash back Friday to a time when haircuts were taken for granted! Can’t wait to crop my mop back to this! #MandatoryQuarantine #SolitaryConfinement #WearAMask https://t.co/oKTXFvycKf

Welcome to the Freedom Cafe! We trust you to make your own choices if you want to wear a face mask. And, in the same spirit of individual liberty, we allow our staff to make their own choices about the safety procedures they prefer to follow as they prepare and serve your food.

Furthermore, thank you for “Ask The River”.. you fulfilled my need for new beautiful music, and our universal need to communicate to our earth how grateful we are for it! As I said, you are a true hero of mine! I really hope you see this! #fanboy

Dear @RPcomposer you have been one of my most persistent motivations for composition. I am currently re-falling in love with ‘Emma’ and I want to thank you for decades of insporation!

Ben Yahr
2 months ago

Just got my Screen Time Report and it was just this https://t.co/gLf6dfzfHk

Quoted @vnlpls

someone edited blond harry styles and it lowkey gives me ethan from dance academy vibes https://t.co/aVbNEbYiiM

someone edited blond harry styles and it lowkey gives me ethan from dance academy vibes https://t.co/aVbNEbYiiM

Wow, what w compliment. I'll take it! https://t.co/ZkKeoL2rAK

This one is an important one, please scroll through and read. --------------------------------------------------------- This is my cousin Mary. We have been best friends since we were kids. We have travelled the… https://t.co/AmxSqgPeiM

Closing out #XmenDay , I cant believe "X-men Origins: Wolverine" came out a decade ago! --- When I was 14, I was bullied and bashed on a daily basis, because I didnt quite fit… https://t.co/XyLAPFTrwq

Happy #TBT here's a photo of me, as a 7 year old, essentially nailing life! https://t.co/YWFIQ144Lq

2019 - adventure of self discovery. Let's be challenged and grow together ❤ https://t.co/KlAFetDYEv

Hanging with some future world leaders right here https://t.co/Yxoor0eLwA

...and in closing, on #NationalComingOutDay I give you this. An original piece, written and performed by me. Sometimes it takes me a while to say some things. And sometimes, I just say… https://t.co/j9DJNlgwsx

Hollywood can be a battlefield! A lot of people ask me for advice about tackling a career in this difficult industry. The hollywoodsguide, by the amazing @aussiegirly, is definitely the… https://t.co/XvdQuLo28U

I just heard thunder. It isn't raining. Fleetwood Mac lied. https://t.co/SeTiM6Muy8

Am I smizing right? https://t.co/98fr1V1mSH

New York, Je T'aime🗽 https://t.co/XhNc2NMQh1

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