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Damn some girls are just lying whores thats pretty crazy

Clean the whole mess up with my nose wtf I need a vacuum for

Pray for my boii @ryanott10 he had his kidney stones removed today and can’t have sex for 3 weeks🙏🏼 dude might as well be dead ☠️

It's disappointing you can't go back in time and unmeet people that didn't do anything except fuck your life up.

I know Ima die young

seriously fuck cancer

She tastes like you, only sweeter🍭

Cast me far away

I️ need you Nikki @NicholasMuns1

3 years ago

Almost 2018 and dudes STILL think it’s okay to approach women in public and have conversations with them. Stop being an awkward creep and find out her name from a mutual friend, then go home and add her on every single social media platform

I don't know what's next, but I don't want my ex 🤘🏽🙅🏽

“Do coke or get back with your ex”

3 years ago

My soul is empty and full of white girls

Quoted @AndyKerr1142

One time @KaleRealDeal04 knocked my brothers phone off the squat rack and when asked who did it he pointed at me and @Aaron_Kerr1 punched me in the mouth w/o hesitation

One time when I️ was young my sister told me to pick a scab off my face so I️ picked a scab off my face, n now I️ have a scar on my face n every time I️ look at it in the mirror I️ cry.

The things some girls do for attention is unreal, I️ swear. #pettyaf

You're much happier when you just don't give a fuck

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