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TL sleep?

Lmao nah it’s only 10:30 where I’m at

I just wanna cash app you and build .

In a meeting ..

This is fucking disgusting. "I DEMAND A FEMALE OFFICER" Austin, Texas PD @Austin_Police

@KingNasirXXX @KrackinasssKeyy “Netflix and chill?! No baby we gon some Popeyes to go. We gon be chicken and dickin...”


Baby i just wanna see you dip

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Get up and chase that shit!!!

Money not bitches tho .

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Did the last person you dated or were in a relationship with teach you anything?

Yeah a lot good things i learned about myself and kinda bad cause i didn’t realize the person i was with wasn’t good for me . Kind of a waste of a year but at the same time she had a daughter do the experience was good .

Is it bad that i laugh when my sister yells at my nieces . 😂

I took my phone out the case 🥴 pray for me .

This exactly how this situation should’ve been handled. Respect to that man.

4 days ago

y’all, i’m sitting on my mother porch and he kept walking past the house. y’all i had to go across the street and see what was going on😭

Good morning from the west coast .

Good morning from the west coast .

I swore i seen a ufo tonight while watching the fire works

Do bitches ever think DAMN this nigga Dm’d me 77 times maybe GOD sent him 🤔

“Make America Safe Again.”

Is this not zombie behavior? Y’all don’t want to wear a mask now this?

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