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On your radio Mon-Fri @bbc5live breakfast and occasionally @BBCBreakfast. 4 kids, 1 husband. Ig: @rachelburden_radio contact: rmabmedia@gmail.com

Salford and beyond
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He remembered. So annoying. But my present choice still won.

Shite forgot the wedding anniversary. A friend just reminded me. Good news is he also forgot so I have a chance to get the wine in and still be the winner.

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“There are people from all over the country coming into a very small space. At least one of those people is going to be ill.” Glasgow University students Nell and Lucy have both tested positive for #Covid_19 and tell @RachelBurden about their experience. 🎧 Listen @BBCSounds https://t.co/RQ39AW8UTh

Uni life not quite what it used to be - but these students are still glad they went @bbc5live https://t.co/w4IWY0YX79

Daughter at Uni loves running. Just told me ‘I’m sick of men in cars honking their horns and shouting out the car window at me. Two men in a car got stuck at a red light and I went up to window and told them to go f**k themselves. Should have seen their faces.’

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David came to Manchester with £70 in his pocket... undeterred by racist abuse, he built up a food business - now his van's been 'torched' https://t.co/tqsfHyyj0c

Can we try to turn this awful story into a positive one? You can support David via a gofundme page on this article. ♥️ https://t.co/vNkvyj3dla

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Brushing your teeth at a football match 🤷‍♂️😂 https://t.co/qBraKbbPVp

😬 https://t.co/btHHbdoLZM

Have to say that was sobering & grim, having to communicate to understandably nervous taxpayers & workers who phoned in, that they wouldn’t be eligible for Job Support Scheme, that they fell below “viable job” threshold unless they can persuade boss @rachelburden @claremcdonnell1

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You can sponsor a rat; mine's called Charlotte and she sniffs out TB. #apopo #herorats #landmines #tb #tuberculosis @rachelburden https://t.co/SNfA7cSFGu

Seeing as rats are in the headlines today... 🐀 https://t.co/1JLQXrxiY9

Are you wondering how the chancellor's plan will affect you? Or do you just want something explaining? @claremcdonnell1 & @rachelburden will put your questions to Economics Editor Faisal Islam after 7:30am on @bbc5live Breakfast. Send your questions to 85058

We’ll be talking about the joy of autumn/winter walks this morning with @CBeebiesHQ’s Ranger Hamza. Here’s how @tatton_park was looking yesterday. @bbc5live https://t.co/eQqBdyoa2J

We’ll be talking about the joy of autumn/winter walks this morning with @CBeebiesHQ’s Ranger Hamza. Here’s how @tatton_park was looking yesterday. @bbc5live https://t.co/eQqBdyoa2J

Hello, Happy Friday (I think)... Lots to mull over this morning: * Jobs Support scheme 💷 * 10pm curfew 🕙 * Students in isolation 🧑‍🎓 * Finding some winter fun ❄️ 🍂 Join us on your radio/speaker now @bbc5live @claremcdonnell1

On your wireless from 6am with the fabulous @claremcdonnell1 @bbc5live

We’re also embracing the March towards winter (3 months to xmas anyone?) - also known as autumn I guess - and how to keep our spirits up as we keep away from each other. Plus loads of women’s sport this weekend to talk about - football, cricket and cycling. And the #mercuryprize

Tomorrow a chance to work out exactly who will benefit from @RishiSunak’s #JobSupportScheme. Will it work for you as an employer or employee? We’ll talk to people likely to be affected. @faisalislam will be talking your questions from 7.30 - would love to hear from you @bbc5live

I love the internet so much https://t.co/AurxmeNaXH

I mean, it's easily done.. @jamesgregg7 / @gregjames

Tried but failed to get an answer from the Mayor of Newham @rokhsanafiaz about how many/what proportion of people downloaded the app in Newham. It's not the only guide to it's success, but it's pretty fundamental. #NHSCovid19App @bbc5live

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@rachelburden @NickyAACampbell can you say the name of the correct app? When I search in the Google play store all manner of things come up...

NHS Covid 19 App https://t.co/bHi1D7WPE8

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