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John Kerry thrilled at prospect of returning to his dream job of living in Central European luxury hotels while negotiating deals that are bad for America.

Quoted @PreetBharara

Have you figured out HIPAA yet? https://t.co/mjEhhsrs0K

You are so transparent in your partisanship. The damage you did to the rule of law is really shameful. https://t.co/dNKVMXWHaE

.@SidneyPowell1 has been suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. She understands the WH press release & agrees with it. She is staying the course to prove the massive deliberate election fraud that robbed #WeThePeople of our votes for President Trump & other Republican candidates.

Quoted @marceelias

Now is a good time to remind everyone that Trump and his "elite strike force team" (whoever they are) have lost 34 cases in the post-election.

Now is a good time to remind everyone that @marceelias laundered $ for the Clinton campaign to give to FusionGPS to spread disinformation through the Steele dossier. https://t.co/9Oc8DcXwS0

I fully support President @realDonaldTrump's request for a recount in Georgia. We must match and verify absentee ballot signatures to their corresponding voter registration signatures, investigate all voting irregularities, and count only the votes that were legally cast.

@realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews Thank you, Mr. President. This RINO needs to be exposed. I know just the woman to do it 😉

An intergalactic embarrassment 👇🏻 https://t.co/2bhfEV3xji

An intergalactic embarrassment 👇🏻 https://t.co/2bhfEV3xji

Quoted @blckriflecoffee

@SuperHeroNexus Untrue. We did not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI. https://t.co/gNfWaOUqoT

We don’t sponsor or have a relationship with Kyle either. But if he wants a free bag of coffee or T-shirt...he can have one. He is one of the few folks who actually stood up to domestic terrorism and we hope to see the courts find him innocent. https://t.co/akdmIir3ON

At least have the country has stopped seeing the FBI as the good guys. Trust in media is at such lows that no way could NYT pull off another WMD hoax. Say what you will about the orange man bad, but he drew out the evil which previously hid behind the curtain.

Jenna Ellis is a fighter. She’s under attack for daring to speak out against our Pravda media’s accepted “narratives.” Happened to us too when we exposed the media’s role in the pee-pee tape. It takes zero guts as a talking head to pile on, hoping they come for your scalp last.

Report: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Anti-Trump Hero, Paid for Flawed Coronavirus Tests from South Korea https://t.co/PHV7euutVb via @BreitbartNews. This RINO will never make the grade. Hogan is just as bad as the flawed tests he paid big money for!

Just arrived at Virtual G20. Was here yesterday also (early), but some of the Fake News Media failed to report it accurately - as usual. My speech is available (they said I didn’t make a speech).

Quoted @politico

The chair of the House Republican Conference became the latest high-profile Republican to publicly urge Trump to accept the results of the presidential election. https://t.co/XzyWGHl5K6

Sorry Liz, can’t accept the results of an election with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes cast, enough to easily flip the Election. You’re just unhappy that I’m bringing the troops back home where they belong! https://t.co/elZ9X3wrAz

2 days ago

.@smerconish’s message for Colin Kaepernick, who called for the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer. https://t.co/LDgxj4anOJ https://t.co/jDK0akG0sl

The Media is just as corrupt as the Election itself!

Bill Pascrell is a sick old bastard https://t.co/NO05LLLuuO

2 days ago

I don’t think the court cases will go anywhere, but who knows anything is possible when you never quit. I’m glad Trump is dragging this out. I was called a Russian asset by Joy Reid, as was veteran @JackPosobiec. Democrats are getting what they gave, and I love it.

I was glad to have met with President Trump this evening. Here is my statement on the meeting: https://t.co/LGKfDptfrE

I was glad to have met with President Trump this evening. Here is my statement on the meeting: https://t.co/LGKfDptfrE

“President Trump has done many great things (biggest tax & regulation cuts in history, Space Force, rebuilding our military, fixing the V.A., the Wall), but perhaps the most important of all will be what he is doing now, exposing the massive corruption in our Electoral Process.”

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