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third time's the charm

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We looked inside some of the tweets by @qnnbrgr and here's what we found interesting.

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the sexual tension between you and the pile of unread books

WAP - what are pomelos

Quoted @ACLUMN

BREAKING: Minneapolis City Council members have announced their intent to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and invest in community-led public safety.

Another world is possible. https://t.co/TejJXkaVEv

down home roots to her down home toots

"dream of the 90's" / "keep (blank) weird" only actually exists in the bywater

Good food. Every meal. Everyday.

Can my neighbor legally complain if it's beyonce

2 years ago

@miragonz fat pussy energy

no rats
2 years ago

I'm not a girl I'm a bitch

Crispy Wings Juicy Thighs Chewy Hearts Crunchy Gizzards

Carpe deez nuts. Gd I can't wait to quit this job.

We will rebuild, San Francisco. 

#earthquake https://t.co/zpNy3DzGFG

We will rebuild, San Francisco. #earthquake https://t.co/zpNy3DzGFG

Gotta add Zendaya to the best of the Met Gala list.

Thanks for reading tweets by Queen Berger, Fashion Person™

Honorable mention: Imaan Hammam & Ashley Olsen

Best Met Gala dresses in order: Greta Gerwig Lily Collins Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried Jourdan Dunn

They're playing uncensored Future at a respectable volume.

Even Starbucks in Seattle is chiller than regular Starbucks.

My man is killing it on a daily basis.

We're better than Jane you and me

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