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Come help me cyber bully daniela https://t.co/Gl3mzMBtuL

2 minutes ago

among us join us

3 minutes ago


wait i mean if you’re able to.. don’t ask random people if they’re voting because you don’t know everyone’s legal status

bro they talking like it's an among us emergency meeting

if you’re over 18 and not voting this year please let me know so i can cyber bully you

Trump just refused to condemn white supremacists

@ robert pattinson please smoke with me i will let you ste@l my org@ns

i just wanna get high with robert pattinson why is life so unfair

if you're a fashion brand and your XL is a 14, i invite you to go straight to hell!

i love fred and george weasley so much i’m in pain

"im so mad they changed dumbledore's actor" ....... babygirl he DIED

this could apply to so many characters 🧍

my comfort characters are the funky lil gays from star wars

i deleted kik every time my mom even made eye contact with me just to be sure

DXPKPQ among us

they sound like they’re 12 and they’re literally cheating on call together

i’m with the most fucking annoying among us group

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