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3 years ago

looking for a cool secure voting system? check @xobetoV https://t.co/2LwjiwIkZm

6 years ago

In case you missed it, we're now tweeting with @app_voice

#poutsch will be experiencing disruptions today as we upgrade our infrastructure... v. exited!

643,666 people right now are following Guy Kawasaki on Linkedin. Do you? #poutsch https://t.co/k2IHjIMzpp

Retour: faut-il croire à la jupe plissé? #poutsch https://t.co/DROyD7Cwl4

Peut-on accumuler les bracelets sans basculer dans le "too much"? #poutsch https://t.co/KC8LcVVjM0

Which drink is better? #poutsch https://t.co/K98pAX3zyZ

Is it ok to post photos that were not shot by your mobile phone on Instagram? #poutsch https://t.co/lp6jku5bC1

What Do You Think Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? #poutsch https://t.co/VM4esGOVCq

Je regarde ça en ce moment : *Appli 33 : Poutsch http://t.co/DUThT7u9Nt de @EcoleAppli

so far, the trend is 81% #whatsapp — what about you?— WHATSAPP or VIBER? #poutsch https://t.co/AqrZW6QqPN

6 years ago

http://t.co/POrgSKvelH Whatsapp is winning by a landslide huh

Who will win this year's FIFA World Cup? https://t.co/9yV5NugHHA << your chance to answer!

When do you get most of your ideas? https://t.co/KZDYUUsWB1

Should The Public Protest The Death Of Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps? #poutsch https://t.co/wcWW5WfMHw

Do you like addicting games like this: http://t.co/G5U5P7tHkE? #poutsch https://t.co/z9ozT8IJ4X

6 years ago

Something cool is about to come out of the oven... Stay tuned

Favorite way to work out? #poutsch https://t.co/UrR5CTC8ck

Quelles sont les pièces d'été à s'offrir d'urgence avant la rupture de stock? #poutsch https://t.co/ZXhPYDAD4t

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