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Today 202BC Battle of Zama Hannibal Barca & the Carthaginian army are defeated by Roman legions under Scipio Africanus ending 2nd Punic War Zama 202 BC: Scipio crushes Hannibal in North Africa Get this book at Kindle Edition at πŸ›οΈ

FOX and CNN to Normal Humans

Astounding revelations from Jose Bustani, ex-head of the OPCW, of how the chemical weapons watchdog has fallen under the US thumb – and its Douma reporting been entirely corrupted as a result. A huge story the corporate media continues to black out

@JamesTodaroMD Forbes has deleted the article referenced in this video. THIS IS MODERN DAY BOOK BURNING. Please retweet, download and share on other websites before this video also disappears. Remember: The information they censor is EXACTLY what you need to know.

These are the people who want to fight a civil war against patriots

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We are being lied to... There is no pandemic... Don't take it from me... Take it from Doctor @richardursomd

Thread with excerpts from β€œThe Napoleonic Wars: A Global History” by Alexander Mikaberidze

Thread with excerpts from β€œThe Napoleonic Wars: A Global History” by Alexander Mikaberidze

If they bought the moon landing hoax, the titanic scam, the lone gunman story, the 9-11 BS, & the one about the big old batch of WMD'S. They sure as hell were going to buy the phony germ narrative. You didn't. Not for a minute. If you ask me. That ought to help you, spiritually.

If you have substantial Ashkenazi DNA, please DM to join the secret group chat where we direct the narratives of right-wing Twitter

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Pussy is one hell of a drug

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