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Leading manufacturer of silicone implants made in Germany. Quality you can feel for #BreastAugmentation and #BreastReconstruction.

Dieburg, Germany
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Doing your research via the internet? Always check the sources, because not every online comment may be accurate. #PlasticSurgery #BreastCancer #POLYTECHBreastHealth #BreastAugmentation #BreastReconstruction

The bigger the implants, the stronger the bra: choose a supportive bra with wide straps and a strong structure to prevent premature sagging. #PlasticSurgery #CosmeticSurgery

A #BreastLift rejuvenates sagging breasts, but does not increase their size. To add volume, a #BreastImplant or lipotransfer will be needed.

Early detection of breast cancer with mammograms means that treatment can be started earlier in the course of the disease. #BreastCancer

#PlasticSurgery decision: Not feeling good? Then you may be seeking to achieve goals that cannot be met. Wait until you feel better.

Nipple augmentation is a surgical procedure to alter a nipple's size; often, it is performed along with #BreastAugmentation. #PlasticSurgery

#DYK? A woman’s breast is attached to the chest wall with fibrous strands known as Cooper ligaments. #PlasticSurgery #CosmeticSurgery

Make sure to clarify any doubts & always take care to be 100% certain before going ahead with any procedure.

It is key that you are realistic and make sure that you are in perfect health to be a candidate for your desired #PlasticSurgery procedure

#DYK? Our #implants are equipped with a diffusion barrier layer preventing gel to permeate through the shell into the surrounding tissue.

Make sure someone stays with you for at least 24h after surgery. The anaesthesia may affect your judgment, coordination, and reaction time.

Surgery tip: On the day of your surgery, neither use makeup, perfume, or hairspray nor wear contact lenses, jewellery, or piercings. #PlasticSurgery #CosmeticSurgery #BreastReconstruction #BreastCancer #BreastAugmentation

#DYK? Using only a few tiny incisions, your surgeon can target stubborn fat deposits and permanently remove fat cells with #Liposuction.

Correction of Poland’s Syndrome can include a #BreastAugmentation, nipple and areola reconstruction and other complementary procedures.

A lumpectomy is the surgical removal of the breast tumor (the "lump") and some of the normal tissue that surrounds it. #BreastCancer #POLYTECHBreastHealth

Nowadays, useful educational tools are found online – but always remember to crosscheck the collected information with your #PlasticSurgeon.

In #BreastReconstruction, a tissue expander may be used to create enough space and skin to cover your #BreastImplant.

Post #BreastSurgery: Avoid exercises that increase breast motion; ask your surgeon about other forms of exercise you may do. #RecoveryTips #POLYTECHBreastHealth

#BreastAugmentation: an option for women who have lost breast volume or fullness as they age or went through weight changes or pregnancy.

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