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The Center for Policing Equity is a research & action think tank led by @DrPhilGoff that promotes police transparency, equity, and accountability via research.

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Thank you to everyone who tuned into our @CashApp #GamersForEquality League of Legends tournament yesterday that benefited @Bailproject and @PolicingEquity. Here are some of the highlights, we hope to see you back again next week for VALORANT! https://t.co/nTsRL9GVpG

Quoted @tanzinavega

Ok not so bad... https://t.co/Uo5SMHaSrS

Ok not so bad... https://t.co/Uo5SMHaSrS

We're glammed and ready for you! Join us on Facebook for our LIVE forum on the future of policing in just a few minutes (featuring special guests @JNelsonLDF @rashadrobinson @DrPhilGoff @BLACKALLIANCE1 @ArtAcevedo): https://t.co/5RHOFiZx37 https://t.co/thrtBnpDAr

Earlier this week, @DrPhilGoff had a conversation with @noahcent about how to get involved in activism locally, the importance of staying engaged, and how everyone can help work towards equity in policing! Check it out here: https://t.co/hKYQjE7mnS

23 days ago

"There is a straightforward, adult path towards aligning our public safety systems with the values of communities," says @DrPhilGoff. Watch more: https://t.co/gxlwzZyZha @AmanpourCoPBS #AmanpourPBS https://t.co/QPMwMxTRso

Sending a BIG shout out to @tiktok_us for lifting up the work we do to end racial bias in policing. These are the solutions that communities want and Chiefs can get behind.

We are excited to go live on Instagram TONIGHT at 6pm EST/3pm PST with @noahcent. Tune in to hear a conversation about working towards transparency, equity and accountability in policing, and more! https://t.co/ji4dDgt6Bz

We are excited to go live on Instagram TONIGHT at 6pm EST/3pm PST with @noahcent. Tune in to hear a conversation about working towards transparency, equity and accountability in policing, and more! https://t.co/ji4dDgt6Bz

CPE is now on Instagram as @PolicingEquity! Learn about who we are from our co-founder and CEO @DrPhilGoff #JusticeNerds #BlackLivesMatter

To stand any chance, champions of change need the fullest possible information to make the case for continued efforts: Read more on reducing racial bias in policing from @DrPhilGoff in @TheEconomist https://t.co/Pq4JhJJlO8

#startsmall just made a HUGE impact on police reform in the US. @rihanna's @ClaraLionelFdn joined forces with @jack Dorsey to power our fight to escape the injustices of our past for a more inclusive future.

This article is harsh on implicit bias training. But maybe not harsh enough. Scientists have been saying this for years. Yet efforts to train police have largely not been run by scientists and haven’t focused on changing behaviors. That ain’t gon cut it. https://t.co/aePvAcELHC

What does the science say about bias and policing? Watch @DrPhilGoff now at the Senate Judiciary Committee's Hearing on Police Use of Force and Community Policing: https://t.co/G4yGvQliXe

Can you train bias out of police? Here’s what CPE’s @DrPhilGoff has to say: https://t.co/YHOXIvrq3g

Hear from CPE Board Member, @aliciagarza - "It's time for us to address the pandemic in our communities and that pandemic is not having the resources we need to live well. And that's not just a Black problem, that's everyone's problem." https://t.co/6IPWuBOOI6"

The tools and expertise needed to build more fair and just policing are critical right now. Consider donating to @PolicingEquity or other organizations working to protect and preserve justice for all. https://t.co/NcQsWu9wzS

“Communities that have resources to solve their own problems and do not need to call the police in the first place are safer communities better equipped to realize the American Dream. There is no reason to avoid this obvious truth and not to act on it now.”- @DrPhilGoff

"We used analytics to put resources back into the community. In North Minneapolis, the police were giving out a lot of tickets for broken taillights, so we recommended they give out vouchers to get those lights fixed instead." -@DrPhilGoff. Read more: https://t.co/yJ3tg8fbRV

"Simply defunding police can't be a legacy of this moment. I want to hear about investing in black communities more than I want to hear about defunding." - @DrPhilGoff with @emilybazelon @aliciagarza @vanitaguptaCR @samswey & J Scott Thomson https://t.co/yJ3tg8fbRV

Our role as storytellers in the fight against systemic racism is to speak up and get educated. We were fortunate to hear from @DrPhilGoff who is an expert in his field and we wanted to introduce you to him and the work he's doing @PolicingEquity #BlackLivesMatter #solidarity https://t.co/F83Rn083fx

What could more equitable policing and public safety look like? CPE co-founder and CEO @DrPhilGoff points to the suburbs for answers. https://t.co/uRPpnBvya0

We were working on a policy plan for policing in America before it became the news of the day. In our plan, we highlight current policies that can help lead the charge for change and re-imagine public safety. https://t.co/tf4aehIeUo

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