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I could go on, but I’m off to bed instead! Another mad day. ENDS

Similarly The lack of customs brokers remains a huge problem; the industry is rife with stories of experienced brokers being poached and the available grants being used to augment “trainee” salaries of 30k to 40K/8

Industry discovered this week that if they use a brokers authorisation for simplified procedures then the broker will be liable – which experts warn will simply mean many brokers will not take on the business./7

And all that shouldn’t deflect (but has) from near uniform fury of industry today at implication by @michaelgove that they just need to try harder. Real anger about basic lack of clarity on duty deferrals applications and simplified customs procedure./6

That way when there are only 2000 trucks queueing outside Dover it can all be declared a mighty success. of course all of this is a classic distraction from what we should really be worrying about, which is how the GB – NI border is going to be operational on Jan 1. /5

So I’m looking forward to Kent Police flagging down offenders, card machine in hand, to collect the fines.🙄 Suspicion in the industry is that the system will be used simply to regulate traffic – and keep the queues up north, not in Kent. /4

So one Q is: Do you have an MRN [Movement reference number] from an import declaration or TAD? [Transit Accompanying Document] Answer yes/no. Then “continue” Apparently it’s not actually linked to anything. Just a declaration. /3

The SmartFreight isn’t that “smart” - the only data you input, I’m told, is your vehicle reg number. Otherwise it’s yes/no answers. /2

The SmartFreight isn’t that “smart” - the only data you input, I’m told, is your vehicle reg number. Otherwise it’s yes/no answers. /2

Fandango over need for “permit” to drive to Kent after brexit via @FT but as one insider tells me, it’s an empty vessel of a system.../1

A third time @michaelgove is asked (by @justinmadders) how many customs agents have been trained...and a third time he can't provide a number. Repeats that £80m in grants is not drawn down (See threads passim on why industry can't magic 50k up overnight)

So @StephenFarryMP asks @michaelgove when he'll publish Border Operating Model for GB-NI trade - having promised it in July - but doesn't provide a date.

Again @michaelgove is asked how many customs agents have been trained ahead of January 1 2021...and for a second time declines to answer. Just says the £80m put aside for grants etc hasn't been spent yet. FWIW my enquires suggest low thousands v industry estimate of 50k needed.

@pmdfoster It's worth listening to his evidence, which is completely incoherent. At 11:03:16 he explains that the wording of Article 10 NI Prot is clear & the Court will find it means what it says but that it really can't mean that so we have to litigate it. Really, it is that bad!

@PeteWishart @michaelgove .@hilarybennmp now on his feet...knows his stuff as chair of EU exit Cmme...asks if GVMS & SmartFrieght are ready, when did that happen? Gove flustered momentarily; repeats they're being shared with, er, not operational.

.@PeteWishart goes tonto at @michaelgove against "rogue state Britain" etc...and chickens coming home to roost...Mr Gove laughs, and "doesn't know where to start"...but then says UK will be prioritising day-old chicks and shellfish..then asks what currency indy Scotland will use?

Now @RachelReevesMP replies - and paints a rather different picture to the ebullient Mr Gove. Says the @RHARichardB and others are "tearing their hair out" at lack of government information and assistance. Urges govt to get a trade deal./

Quoted @MichaelAodhan

Absolutely ridiculous statement. The obligations are clear in the WA & NIP. Biz can not build plans based on something that could be challenged in court. We need a comprehensive FTA & good decisions from the joint committee not this laissez-faire attitude to NI biz & jobs!

Business abhors a legal vacuum...

@michaelgove Still "plenty of time to prepare" he adds. And Border Force recruiting 1,000 extra staff, with 100s more on the way. And a new SmartFreight web portal, and an Check Change GO info can see it here. Very inspiring.

A bushy-tailed @michaelgove now giving statement to Parliament on the #brexit border, "we need businesses to prepare" to make the most of the "opportunities" of leaving the EU single market.

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