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What the actual fuck?? 🀣🀣 Sorry...not happening. Try another position if you're that paranoid🀣

Tennessee Man Faces Federal Arson Charges in Connection to Metro Courthouse Fire During Protest

Cash toll collections to resume on New York State Thruway

Man accused of stealing several packages from mail truck

Police: Man burglarized same location three times

Man wanted for child porn charge in Virginia arrested in Newark, NY,

New York State Police lab faces heavy backlog for processing sex offense kits

Quoted @NYGovCuomo

There are those who want to intentionally blur the lines between peaceful, legitimate protesters and looters. The president is among them. They want you to watch the videos of the looting β€” not the video of Mr. Floyd being murdered. Don't fall for it.

And you call yourself a leader during a crisis.@NYGovCuomo how’s the nursing home deaths weighing on your conscious? Are you trying to move us away from the real story how you failed the citizens of nursing homes?

Quoted @CBSNews

A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won't face charges.

So the black so called protester didn’t break in , but white bar owner went into the streets and hunted him down, killing him right @CBSNews you people are sick and demonic.

Lee Child's 'Jack Reacher' series is tremendous. So far, I've read 7 of his books.

My favorite authors: Lee Child, James Patterson, Michael Connelly.





Going to take a few day off Twitter my friends. Have a lot going on in life and to be honest I’m about burnt out on the negative news. I’ll be back in a week or so. Stay safe everyone. πŸ’ž~Holly~πŸ’ž

Why is no one mentioning that George Floyd died from a heart attack with fentanyl and methamphetamines in his blood stream?

☝🏻Imagine a world like this THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

There is nothing white liberals fear more than a God fearing, educated, black man.

I am asking accounts with a bigger reach than me to help get this message out. Thank you in advance. The Mayor of NYC is refusing the National Guard. There is no law and order in NYC. I fear for the lives of my friends and family. @realDonaldTrump you must #SaveNYC now!

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