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After over 1,000 people signed a petition asking Yeti Cycles to end the use of the term 'Tribe' in their marketing, the Colorado brand announced today that they will no longer use the term. https://t.co/jmEGjSQgJ1

One last send session at the compound before the lockdown. https://t.co/3vQpZ11TbC

SDG expands its contact points range with a new grip. https://t.co/yhqaFRJBfq

The 20-Year History of the Shimano PD-M520 https://t.co/mKLcpOpWWG

A burly, XL, 29er Santa Cruz V10 CC build for Luca's brother Walker Shaw. https://t.co/KkFmwgeMHM

Phetetso Monese tells his story of perseverance as he becomes the first cyclist to ever represent Lesotho at the Olympic Games when he competed in the XC at Rio. https://t.co/8PwrCKYiGm

Peaty's has launched a new addition to its product range with a dry version of their LinkLube lubricant. https://t.co/oHLIjVrGzA

Flyer's Uproc6 eMTB has a mixed wheel-size and has been designed with descending in mind. https://t.co/dPLPrYma7w

Cannondale and GT will be aligning new model releases with the calendar year going forward. https://t.co/hPywrSh9Mt

The past French Motocross Champion Levy Batista was planning on competing in the new EWS-E series this year. Get to know him in our interview with him. https://t.co/TnHpBcD0RH

A thrilling conclusion to another exciting weekend of racing at Windrock.https://t.co/DBpmHaVlBC #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife

Check out all of the downhill action from finals at Windrock. https://t.co/zC32hL1wQI #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife

Sam Reynolds looks back at five of the biggest jump lines he has hit in the last few years.https://t.co/gl2kBBMvdj #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife

Look back at some of the past custom race machines to have been used in the Enduro World Series. https://t.co/sMrtNKK8Bs #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife

Luke Cryer throws down some wild shapes for Tommy C on dusty UK trails. https://t.co/Jmz6ow444Y #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife https://t.co/xBRMOBuxrU

With qualifying completed at the second round of the Downhill Southeast series at Windrock check out who will be last out of the start hut in finals. https://t.co/KWKfgtF3fY #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife

Downhill Southeast returns to Windrock for round 2, check out all of the action from Qualifying. https://t.co/MngLWQlslz #pinkbike #mtb #mountainbiking #bikelife

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