proficient shitposter, above decent graphic designer and video editor, shitty artist, fucking idiot | this is not my main account | it’s pronounced “fuckface”

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the plugin you use on your vocals when your accent is too heavy and you need to sound less latino

the plugin you use on your vocals when your accent is too heavy and you need to sound less latino

*after replacing every single bassline from the persona 5 soundtrack with badly mixed samples of chairs being moved around hardwood flooring* uughhh there I fixed it

the really funny part about people who “fix” art is that 99 out of 100 times the person whose art is being “fixed” has an infinitely better grasp of anatomy and art theory than the dipshit doing the “fixing” it’s like a child painting over a hieronymus bosch original

anyway that’s the last of me opening twitter and tweeting shit without even scrolling the timeline because I’m drunk for the day see y’all when I decide to start using social media again or when I’m drunk again

stu mackenzie screaming (and putting an entire microphone inside his mouth to do it) has been haunting my dreams for the past month please help

y’all should try waking up to lord of lightning too it does wonders for the brain but in a different way

free time life for the last few weeks can be summed up by nonstop king gizzard listening sessions and music writing y’all should consider quitting social media for a while too it does great for the brain

au·ton·o·mous /ôˈtänəməs/ adjective adjective: autonomous 1. mooching off of existing insfrastructure without creating anything new 2. relying entirely on external supply routes 3. not self sufficient

he wasn’t even sneaky about it we were hanging at his place and he started playing disciple and just went “I’m gonna steal this riff” right to my face

guitar boy straight up stole a riff from disciple for a breakdown but it fits so well with the rest of the song that I can’t even tell him to not do that we out here tryna get sued by kerry king in 2020


I know a kid who smashed his entire arm through a glass door and ended up on the hospital cause he was play wrestling with some other kid and they thought doing an elbow drop near it was a good idea

the whang video about 90’s WWE facing censorship attempts because kids acted like idiots reminded me that the same thing happened here in 2008 when a national TV station started broadcasting WWE briefly lmao

“underage b&” was a phrase that was repeated ad-nauseum at anyone who even implied to have used the site before turning 18 even in the SFW boards where there wasn’t the implicit reasoning for it the rule was enforced because no one wanted teenagers taking the persona seriously

say what you will about 4chan, but during its heyday both the mods and the community tried to actively enforce the no children rule for the 18+ boards, unlike many communities out there nowadays

I really fucked up by letting my hair grow out of laziness during quarantine now that I’m slowly starting to step out ocasionally I can’t buzz it anymore cause it suddenly started getting cold and I just know the temperature’s gonna drop the moment I do it, but it looks like shit

extra points for the fucking asshole scale if you’re one of those “uwu self care wholesome person owo we need to care about mental health” and you’re doing this shit, you have the added sin of being a phony using other people’s issues for clout while not caring about them

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