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Quoted @economytweets

@johnauthers We are going to negative rates in the U.S.. The FT needs to ask Greenspan & Druckenmiller why they got inflation so wrong.

Global Followers of @economytweets see past the Wall Street rhetoric, and have consistently pointed out that the same incompetent leaders remain in office for decades racking up huge unsolved economic problems for the next generations.

Many people that predicted this crisis including the owner of EconomyTweets see Alan Greenspan and Bernanke as contributing factors.

Henry Paulson and Alan Greenspan are two men in the know according to meet the press? EconomyTweets completely disagrees.

Alan Greenspan = "Mr. Accounting Trick."

Milton Friedman's legacy is underfire. He repeatedly said Alan Greenspan was doing a great job. Alan Greenspan's legacy is incompetence.

Politicians and their followers are on the road to hell and Digital Nomads are going to paradise.

You are a puzzle of perceptions.

Narcissistic people are the crisis.

Quoted @FinancialTimes

BlackRock’s sustainability ‘report card’ one year from Fink’s annual letter

FYI @economytweets

Is God dead?

Quoted @CallawayGolfEU

In the hands of more Pros than any other brand! 👊 Callaway is the #1 Fairway Wood brand at this week's #ADGolfChamps in Abu Dhabi. Callaway | Official Partner of the @EuropeanTour - Source: @SMSInc_UK

Abu Dhabi...

A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems Paul Erdos

When he said someone had "died", Erdős meant that the person had stopped doing mathematics. When he said someone had "left", the person had died. Paul Erdős

Composure is linked to security and self-confidence.

"I'm very much bigger than I was, so what? It's not really fatness, it's development."
- Anita Ekberg.

"I'm very much bigger than I was, so what? It's not really fatness, it's development." - Anita Ekberg.

A well read woman is a dangerous creature! 💁

David Foster Wallace was the embodiment of a culture in decline.

Quoted @economytweets

It was in Knight's treatise that for effectively the first time the case was made for the economic importance of these concepts. Indeed, he linked profits, entrepreneurship and the very existence of the free enterprise system to risk and uncertainty.

Philosophy of Risk and Reward.

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