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15 hours ago

Quoted @mau5trap

Shade' arrives this Friday 07.17 @keetzbeatz // presave link


i haven’t been this happy in a long time feels fucking AWESOME

haha guys clearly i know miles Davis wasn’t a saxophone player he’s the best clarinet player of all time

miles davis was the best saxophone player ever to exist

Imagine being at your friends house when they accidentally cut themselves on something and you briefly see a cherry chip cake on the inside before they cover it up

supporting @sectionlive today ❤️ thinking of you guys!!

supporting @sectionlive today ❤️ thinking of you guys!!

here with me gen 4 zd collab gwn collab just casually listing things here for no reason don't mind me

Colorado drive-in was sickkkkk last night ❤️ off to LA for a couple days to move out my stuff for my new place 👏🏻

Next 2 EP's ✅ Denver gets the first taste tonight

Quoted @mau5trap

💥@keetzbeatz debut EP coming soon... presave link

💥@keetzbeatz debut EP coming soon... presave link

How about an EP?

Quoted @_JustChill18

Need another @peekaboobeats livestream in my life

👀 have some exciting news coming

full house is such a vibe

7 days ago

I like to start with a scribble and see what happens

Howdy there park heads! Unfortunately the big doors are jammed up today so you'll have to go around them into the grassy field type area. Have a good day park heads! Enjoy the doors!

good morning currently experiencing “I have to pee so bad but can’t get out of bed” type beat

hyper scape is the WAVE

I am now dropping out of the presidential race. Thank you for support, i will be fully endorsing @svddendeathdub to become President of the United States

i challenge @svddendeathdub to a presidential debate

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