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Shana Tova! As we begin 5781 of the Hebrew calendar we wish you a Happy New Year.

From Covid to the Conflict, may this year bring competent leadership and urgently needed breakthroughs!

Shana Tova! As we begin 5781 of the Hebrew calendar we wish you a Happy New Year. From Covid to the Conflict, may this year bring competent leadership and urgently needed breakthroughs!

We have updated our Friedman File (tracking the scandalous words and deeds of Trump's ambassador to Israel David Friedman) with the highlights of his recent Israel Hayom interview.

The text of the Israel-UAE agreement does not bode well for prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. No mention of Palestinian statehood, 2-state solution, Palestinian rights, nothing. Negotiated solution "that meets the legitimate needs & aspirations of both peoples." That's it.

The court ordered the eviction of an elderly man from his home in Wadi Hilweh in Silwan in favor of Elad settlers - Peace Now

5. I am happy for Israelis today who will finally receive Arab regional recognition they have been denied for more than seven decades. 6. I am sad for Palestinians. Will anyone on the podium today acknowledge their legitimate aspirations for freedom and statehood? More later…

To bring peace to Israel is not enough with festivals in Washington and a direct flight to Dubai. The core issues of the central conflict that threatens Israel’s secure, democratic future must be addressed and a peace agreement reached between us and our Palestinian neighbors.

These two Gulf states have declared their commitment to a two-state solution. Will Netanyahu resume negotiations with the Palestinians or will he be remembered as the one who perpetuated a bloody conflict and occupation for decades and acted against Israel's interests?

This is an exciting and historic evening. Israel has dropped its self-destructive annexations plans in return for forging strategic alliances with countries in the Arab world, which could reopen the path to the most important peace for our future: peace with the Palestinians.

Quoted @JTAnews

Opinion | "In and of itself, Israel’s normalization of relations with Arab states is a positive development. But it is not happening in a vacuum," writes @HadarSusskind, the CEO of Americans for Peace Now.

APN's @HadarSusskind JTA opinion piece: "Normalizing relations with the UAE does nothing to help fix Israel's existential problems"

Bahrain's foreign minister: It is now incumbent on us to bring about a 2-state solution, which would be the bedrock of a lasting regional peace.

The UAE normalization deal is a tremendous achievement in its own right. But concerning the prospects of Israeli-Palestinian peace, that will depend immensely on whether Israel pushes for peace or tries to sideline the issue further, and whether the UAE will follow suit.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because the UAE deal references the two-state solution it reinforces Israeli-Palestinian peace. Netanyahu and Trump have hollowed our the meaning of “two-state solution” so much that they touted the Trump Annexation Plan defined as such.

Bahrain's decision to formalize its relations with Israel, while welcome in and of itself, is used by Netanyahu's government to distract. APN's @HadarSusskind: "Normalization with the Arab world is welcome, but not as a tool to normalize the occupation..."

Great news about Bahrain normalization - another product of tabling annexation. But again let’s not be fooled that this is progress toward solving the Isr-Pal conflict. As Netanyahu will undoubtedly use this to continue de facto annexation, our democracy hangs in the balance.

“Settlements are just about Jews living in their homeland.” Yeah right. Articles like this one prove that, while there is a historical Jewish connection, the settlement agenda is to dominate Palestinians in perpetual undemocratic rule. We must end it.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled last week that the four families of the Abd al-Fatah Rajabi house in Batan Al-Hawa in Silwan should evacuate their homes in favor of settlers within six months.

📢 Watch this short video from @PatinkinMandy inviting you to APN's Yitzkak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event on October 20. He will host the live-streamed event, joined by special guests and performances from the US and Israel.

Re-upping this listicle by @Hagit of @PeaceNowIL in light of the recent High Court ruling determining that the Mitzpe Kramim outpost was an act of settler theft of private land.

This is an important ruling that reinforces the unequivocal one striking down the Expropriation Law. It confirms that there was no good faith on the part of the settlers in Mitzpe Kramim, but rather they stole private Palestinian land.

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