jo 😴 ratota IA

jo 😴 ratota IA



i’m right where you left me. he/him. 19. fan account. this account is now inactive πŸ’”

Joined on March 07, 2020

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😏😏😏😏😏😏 β€” wait i can still respond to these even tho i deleted twitter lmao anyways hi everyone doing well

now that i’m back at college for the first time since march, i’m going to be focusing on schoolwork and my irl friends for a bit, so i’m going to deactivate later tonight. it was a nice run with y’all, and i’ve made some great friends here, but i’m ready to go.

i like me better when i’m with you

i like me better when i’m with you

what is taylor swift’s most relatable song and why is it this is me trying

i just wanted you to know that is my trying... at least i’m trying

taylor is so sick for making august

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there goes the last great american flop stan account

there is no amount of flopping i could do for you

there goes the last great american flop stan account

a friend to all is a friend to none

did you just call me daddy?

they’re literally perfect for each other, they share the same brain cell me thinks

my most iconic video of arisphere becoming official

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Emerging singer/songwriter @joshuatbassett is a triple-threat. Watch a day in the life of the "Lie Lie Lie" singer:🎢 #QuarantineDiaries

why are they tweeting about him for the third time in one week

debut is so relatable and sad af. let’s have that conversation

accidentally went to the shower without a mask today and somebody saw me in the hallway barefaced and it was so embarrassing πŸ’”

goodnight moots, i’m setting off

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