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Great time at the #THINK2018 conference, learning and collaborating with inspiring thinkers who are working towards making the world of business work smarter.

Excellent session on accelerating AI and Deep Learning, in order to deliver value in the enterprise, by Yonggang Hu (IBM) now at #THINK2018

Data scientists, deep learning developers and administrators can use Elastic Deep Learning capabilities to simplify production deployment, to improve run time efficiency and deliver on SLAs #THINK2018

Korean researchers have developed a new blockchain system, called "PureChain." It is said to resolve major issues that is present in the current blockchain system and it may be applicable to central bank digital currencies. #THINK2018

Mattew Lucas (IBM) dives deeper into the discussion about the best practices for selecting a Blockchain use case. Happening now at #THINK2018 @mqmatt

What are some popular use cases of Blockchain technology? Few examples over here -> #THINK2018

IBM's Deep Learning as a Service uses the cloud to democratize AI for developers. #THINK2018 #DeepLearning

Excellent session by Kush Varshney (IBM) on the Ethics and Fairness of AI at #THINK2018 @krvarshney

Bitcoin will become the world's single currency, predicts Jack Dorsey. #THINK2018 #Bitcoin

A panel of experts give their views on the current state of AI and what happens next. #THINK2018 #AI

5 ways in which Blockchain can save time and money as a new collaborative tool for businesses. #THINK2018

Kush Varshney (IBM) writes about reducing discrimination in #AI with new methodology. @krvarshney #THINK2018

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize everything from business to stock trading. Let's look at the benefits of Blockchain to industries beyond cryptocurrency. #THINK2018

Looking forward to the discussion on client use cases of Blockchain, by Donna Dillenberger (IBM), Ross Mauri (IBM) and Ram Komarraju (CLS Bank) next at #THINK2018 @DonnaExplorer @rossmauri

John Oliver explains all about digital currencies in this hilarious and well-researched take on #LastWeekTonight. #THINK2018

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the world. Let's look at 6 ways it could impact everyday life. #THINK2018 #AI

Kickstarting our day with the session on the 'Future of AI' by Alexander Gray (IBM) and David Cox (IBM)

Exciting day ahead filled with learning, on the last day of #THINK2018

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