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Two years ago the Labour party conference agreed to a historic 'fudge' on the Brexit Referendum, writes @michael_chessum, "Looking back, I think the moment encapsulates what went wrong."

The UK Electoral Commission flagged concerns about political donations to the Tory party from Russian-linked donors, according to emails released to openDemocracy. MPs say the UK needs to clamp down on foreign money getting into British politics.

Italy’s electoral comeback after the Covid-19 lockdown was not just impressive because of strict social distancing measures. Here is what happened and how the populist far-right wave was held back, explains Lucia Posteraro.

With Boris leading the charge, Britain can break international law without a qualm, but can’t bring itself to butt aside even the weakest of discriminatory structures." - Chris Myant @od_europe.

The global system is extremely powerful, but it is neither omniscient nor omnipresent, writes Joan Pedro-Carañana. There are increasing numbers of experiences putting collaborative methods for hope and dialogue into practice.

JOB ALERT: @0505oD are looking for a Community Coordinator to help with kick-ass feminist journalism! The role is to help with two of their key objectives in coming work. Deadline: 11 October 2020

With the US election campaign entering its final weeks, one of its oddities so far is that Donald Trump is saying very little about the global aspect of his mission to “Make America Great Again”.

It is crucial to become aware of the advance of financial speculation on poor housing across the Americas, says Saskia Sassen. Interview by José Zepeda for @democraciaAbierta.

In Peru, six years after Rios Perez's murder, his daughter is taking on the defense of the Peruvian Amazon against illegal loggers, writes Aramís Castro @demoabierta. Her fight for justice is not just for her family but entire communities.

How can we design a fairer economy after COVID? What are the major policies driving the US election? How can we confront systemic racism & the climate emergency? Subscribe to ourVoices, a podcast exploring new ideas to fix our broken economic system

It can be hard to get people to pay attention to trade-deals. But the UK-US trade deal after Brexit could be hugely consequential to the left, and to the future of Britain. @nickdearden75 spoke with @carolinejMolloy Thursday to explain.

About 80% of indigenous Guatemalans live in poverty – a situation exacerbated by the pandemic, writes Javier Urizar Montes De Oca @demoabierta. Worse, the Guatemalan State continues to work to the detriment of indigenous peoples.

This week Jair Bolsonaro's speech to UN General Assembly was mostly to foreign investors and domestic supporters - full of conspiracy theories and blaming the media. The outlook for Brazil isn't great, says Robert Muggah @demoabierta

JOB ALERT! openDemocracy is seeking someone who will ensure our digital security policies are comprehensive, up to date, follow best practice. Deadline: 30 September 2020

By shifting further right on immigration, centre-right parties may have opened up a ‘Pandora’s box’ and brought the far right into the mainstream, says @DRJamesFDownes at @C4ARR. That puts liberal democracies under threat.

By shifting further right on immigration, centre-right parties may have opened up a ‘Pandora’s box’ and brought the far right into the mainstream, says James Downes @C4ARR. That puts liberal democracies under threat.

Massacres, murders, police shooting at civilians. Colombia, country of magical realism, seems to have become the new epicenter of violence in Latin America. Important editorial by @demoabierta.

In September, the President of Serbia and PM of Kosovo met in the White House to sign an agreement with Trump watching. What was it about and why did it include references to the Middle East? @od_europe.

In Armenia, the global pandemic has created huge challenges for the young pro-democracy movement. Can itss post-revolutionary government manage the pandemic within the rule of law? Asbed Kotchikian asks for @opendemocracyRU.

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