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We looked inside some of the tweets by @onlyruiflip and here's what we found interesting.

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Your dreams take the forefront of your mind today and you are ... More for Pisces

You may not have as much energy today, but your intuition is c... More for Pisces

The lessons you learn right now will be retained and put to go... More for Pisces

Your open and earnest spirit allows for spiritual growth to bl... More for Pisces

Now is a quality time to do some additional research, but not ... More for Pisces

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You might have a breakthrough idea regarding your future ambit... More for Pisces

Your friend group or the community that you live in may experi... More for Pisces

Your relationships with others are becoming more serious and s... More for Pisces

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Your closest relationships are highlighted today and you’re fe... More for Pisces

Financial or business opportunities will present themselves to... More for Pisces

Be careful that what you say doesn't get you in trouble... You... More for Pisces

The energy of today is heavy, but it doesn’t have to be negati... More for Pisces

You might be feeling free-wheeling and fun today, yet your fin... More for Pisces

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