i accidentally messed up with my life how do i start a new account

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want brain cels

*Couple french kissing for the first time* : Ajeeb lag raha hai na

I am dressed so cute today but my only question is for fucking what

Nobody: Literally nobody: @AmenoAcidd : MeRA MIcrOFiBEr wALA TOWel gIR GaYa🌚

Guy: “I’d die for you” Me: Bhai chupre main khud marna chahati hu

*First day as a Pilot* Me: bhai aux dio punjabi gaane chalane hai

17 days ago

Walking out of a relationship when you're still in love has got to be one of the worst feelings.

it's so hard choosing a profile picture when you're FUCKING ugly

You know what's hurt? When no one loves you :)

18 days ago

it’s like instagram is trying it’s hardest to be the worst app

imagine hi karte raho, le koi aur jaega


18 days ago

my dad is telling me same story for the 100th time again but i will pretend like its the first time cause i love him

she's cute but all she does is share dumb shit online

is it weird to comment on a girl’s post if u don’t know her personally

21 days ago

Mera beta IIT me jaayeeeee Mental health, gaand marayeee

Pretending to be boring so they can leave you alone >>>>>

Guys guys guys...reached reached reached..home home home..yipeee yipee yipee..

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